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    I was going to make this in a few weeks for my "once-a-month" blog thing, but of late here and there I've been getting more involved with oppinions on Sonic Adventure 3 with people asking what I think, so I decided to make this blog in order to help summerize so I don't have to repeat it all over everytime someone asks what I think what a Sonic game needs to define it as a "Sonic Adventure" game over modern Sonic games.

    So I'd like to hypothetically talk about Sonic Adventure 3 and what I believe such a game needs to be recognised as a 'Sonic Adventure series' game.

    There are many fans out there who would like Sonic Adventure 3, however there are SA3 fans who are divided on how they want Sonic Adventure 3 to be. For example some want it to be a mode…

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    I designed a wisp

    June 14, 2017 by Mystic Monkey

    I made up my own kind of wisp. I coloured it pale blue since blue and cyan were already taken.


    Colour Colour Power Description Turns user into
    Pale Blue Blue Blizzard Turns Sonic into an ice form that generates freezing cold wind. Temporary freezes eggpawns and similar size enemies and turn smaller badniks into blocks of ice.

    Coincidentally bareing resemblence to Earths popular frozen confectionary (with the "eyes" on the "cream"), while Sonic's changed state more resembles a crystal snowflake design.

    The Pale Blue wisps are known for their cool reputation. Usually found in the polar regions of their homeworld, when it comes to cosmic migration they prefer cold places though they can manage well in warmer climates, representing how to rem…

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    So, this is a thing now. I can't help but wonder why not something Sonic to begin with? After all Sega contributed promotionals to Alien: Isolation, Spiral Knight, The Cave and 2 Total War promotionals. Cosmetics based on Sonic would be nice, especially to promote Sonic Mania for pre-order on Steam right now.

    I got Blender, but I don't know how to use it let alone know how to submit hats to the TF2 workshop. I got this hat in mind that resembles Sonic's head but still identifiable as a hat as well as fit in with the 1950’s-60’s Americana look. (A sort of blue flying cap with quills and fastened neck strap, with green-tinted skiing goggles). But as said I don't know how to make hats for TF2. If I could, would make hat myself and quit bellyac…

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    I'm still trying to make a blog a month thing going on.

    First off, sorry for no prank from me or ShadowUnleashed13 this April Fools. SU13 had his exams and I've not been feeling myself in a bad way, basically due to these inconceniances our heads were just not into pranking for that time. However SU13 is on-off cooking a doozy of a prank that we will save for next April Fools or at least a Fools Day soon.

    Meanwhile I finally got round to playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This version of Hyrule is 60% bigger than Skyrim! The celshaded artstyle and the music strongly reminds me of Hayao Miyazaki fantasy movies, such as Nausicaä, Castle in the Sky and Princess Mononoke. It reminds me of when I first played Twilight Princess and loo…

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    March 8, 2017 by Mystic Monkey

    I usually try to make a blog monthly but I didn't have much to blog about yesturmonth, but this month I'm gonna try to get my creative mojo-a-gogo before Spring hits.

    Here is some updates to my projects.

    In a sense the map is playable. But I've yet to upload it as it is still in it's decorating state. But if there is anyone who can convert certain .obj into static or dynamic .mdl I can use for the map, that be great. I think the map would be great with item boxes I want replacing TF2 power ups.

    I also need to figure out how to apply custom made animations to Apoc Hedgie models, since theres cameo appearances in this map.

    Also want to put better islands in the skybox as well as something to put on the right side of the BLU spawn exit.

    Heres late…

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