We Sonic fans have a lot to look forward to for new year.

New games, Sonic's rematch, more fan tribute, New cartoon and of course the usual $#!7 we get from trolls for being Sonic fans.

Let's take a quick look back this year. Todays been a rather decent year for Sonic. He had some rereleases of his classics as well as fan movie. Summer of Sonic was, as I heard was awesome, but I have yet ever attended it. I've always wanted to attend SoS but I just can't for reasons. Sonic Lost World was released as the new game to the Sonic series which extended Sonic's lore quite considerably for gameplay a lot like Mario's. Also there was Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, I've yet to play that as I rarely play the past sports games. I'm just not a sportsman at heart. Oh yeah and new DLC for Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed which is catered ideal for Yogscast fans. (I wonder if this means Simon Lane is indeed a Sonic fan?

Anyway it's been a decent year but I believe next year could be better for Sonic. Not just from Sonic Team but by all of us fans (the fandom, not just SNN). It be nice if there is more tribute to Sonic. After all, look at all the stuff ponies get these days. I often compare bronies with sonic fandom even if most cringe on the idea, can't help but notice the similarities.

Anyway to all on Sonic News Network and all of Sonic's true fans across the internet, hope you have an awesome '14!