Christmas is coming up. Other than the decorations on SNN there is not much I am doing than browsing Christmas Specials on YouTube. Even putting "Christmas Sonic" in the search and see what I got. Personally I prefer Balenaproductions first Christmas special than the second one. I hope this years will be great!

I find that every year as you get older and every year what makes such holidays as Easter, Halloween even Christmas, seem to get less magical and more mundane when you grow older, until eventually it is just a tree and some money because your Mum doesn't know what to get you anymore. It is the reason that while I am atheist, I still like to believe in Santa Claus, even if logically he doesn't exist, I like to hold onto the essence what made Christmas seemed fantastic. Still, where I live the real myth here is a white Christmas. Also, while it may seem a weird, what gets me into the Christmas spirit is researching the origins of the holiday, such as Saturnalia, Korochun. Kwanzaa (which is like African-American Christmas) or my personal favorite Yule. Knowing more about the holiday, it's traditions and origins makes me appreciate it more and when I feel more festive.

(Same goes for Halloween. I found an interesting documentary that explains it's origins from Samhain.)

Anyway I was hoping for SNN to have a Radio going, the same radio I've been hoping since we decorated for Halloween, but it seems all year I have been nothing but a disappointment with the projects and goals I have set for myself this year. And while I can make the same new years resolution as I have for the past 2 years, no point playing a broken record over. It's a pity as I have chosen a juicy selection of festive Sonic music that I have hoped to share throughout SNN. But I guess not again this year.

How come every time I try to make something I put my heart in it, there will always be something to put a stop to my progress? Will I be doomed to just be an idea-guy and never get to see the games I want to make come true? What I wish the most for Christmas is the ability to make my video games and all my ideas come true no matter how advance or difficult the games are. But I doubt that is something you can simply wrap up and put under a tree.

However there are things to look forward too, Sonic News Network is still here so maybe next year I will accomplish my goals, ever since I joined SNN I have always had the hope to see my articles here someday, even if all Sonic games I'll make will be fan games, it is the hope someday I will be part of Sonic Team someday, so who knows maybe I'll have articles here someday.

Another thing to look forward too in the near future is that new Sonic cartoon. Despite the questionable redesigns from the early picture I have a feeling it be good in it's own rights. Also I am sure there will be a bunch of new Sonic games next year so it will all be good. I am a rather patient person so I can wait.

Anyway I hope you all here have a wonderful holiday. Especially a Merry Christmas to all the Sonic fandom. This is technically my Christmas blog so Merry Christmas to all on SNN.