I'm so excited to be getting SLWD6E in a matter of days. I might sell off my Wii for trade points in order to get both Wii U and Sonic Lost World. I got a Gamecube so it be alright.

I always get this giddy when it comes to a new Sonic game. Any you guys feel same way?

Also, Halloween is coming up. Other than the decorations on SNN there is not much I am doing than browsing Halloween Specials on YouTube. I have never been trick or treating but if I did have a costume, I'd go as a 17th century plague doctor. I'd try to make the costume myself since I find homemade costumes more amazing and at times scarier than store brought ones. Eitherway you doing anything for Halloween?

As for my project, I haven't done much on it since I have been rather in a funk of lately which is like, programmers block or something. I am hoping to continue it soon, or at least ask for help if anyone is willing to teach me.

Still, hope you all have a Happy Halloween.