Seems there are some gremlins in Wikia today. I can't seem to post on the forums and even <tabber> doesn't seem to be working so I dunno what other Wiki errors there are. SNN home page layout doesn't look right to me either. I'm sure these problems will clear up over time. Also I can't seem to comment on my own blog. So feel free to comment but I dunno when I will reply to you.

On a possitive note, I downloaded a program recently called Vectorian Giotto that boasts that it's just as good as Flash but without the complex coding requirements and of course free. I'm hoping to get better at it as I seem to get the basic jist of it. I'd live to make Sonic fan cartoons, especially for Christmas though I doubt I'll make anything awesome by this Christmas.

I wanted to make this a "Halloween Thread" but given the most Halloween thing I did all SNN was ridiculed as too scary I had to take it down just so those will get over it. As much as I am glad that I am no longer bothered by others on this, this blog is perhaps good to explain myself than spending the rest of the year thinking I am resented for what I did.

For "SNN Halloween" this year I wanted SNN to put something new on the table. I did take into account our younger audience when making the background but I figured as long as I don't go crazy-unneccisary with it then it should be fine, Sonic.exe is often depicted a bloody mess so I decided it be best to tone it down and have him simply doing nothing. Still regardless I was asked to take it down because it was considered disturbing. I went with Sonic.exe and Tails Doll memes because Sonic doesn't have much scary-horror to go by. What bothers me is that the reason why I was asked to take it down wasn't because it disturbed younger sensetive members, but because there were those who believed it would and was asked by those being protective of others. Yes, it was my error of judgement to have not pass it through the community first but I wanted it to be a suprise. But still it went unappreciated and truth is, as a Sonic fan, a small-bit upset over it. Even if it wasn't acceptable I still hoped it be at least appreciated for all I put into it. Not only did it dissapointed me as an individual Sonic fan but the reason why it was considered inappropriate was because I was told it could upset a sensetive audience. The worst I have heard from this "sensetive audience" on the oppinion on my background was that they indeed found it scary but understood it was all in Halloween spirits. So the fact that it mostly offended older Sonic fans than upset younger ones made facepalm to the reasons why we, as a fandom, are often not taken seriously by others.

Now that October is over, I do believe that this had been the worst Halloween SNN we had yet. Not just because of how I started it but because afterwards we really did nothing else. I'm pretty sure last years thread lasted longer and was much interesting than this years which has been mostly this issue.

So conclusion- SNN Halloween is only decent if someone other than me does it.

I also realised this October I never really had a Halloween Spirit to begin with. I find that kinda sad of me. Still when December rolls up all I will do is change the MonoBook skin background, and maybe make it snow like last time, if thats even appreciated it.

So yeah, Have a some what Happy Halloween.


Hm, seems I cannot even read the comments now. I was concerned I simply forgot to tick "Commenting" but turns out the Comment boxes just don't load up for me.

So not only can I not reply to anything on SNN, I can't see blog comments either.