(I still can't see emoji's, it's suppose to be a bomb.)

It's November now. We Brits have an early November holiday about terrorism. I haven't seen V for Vendetta in awhile so I'm gonna watch it on that day and maybe find a TF2 server playing Morrigan Alley just for the sake of it. I dunno if my family will be playing with fire this year.

Now I know I attempted this before with no results. But now that this time I actually fo have Adobe Flash I'm gonna give it a go and see if I can at least make that Christmas Sonic animation I've always wanted to do. Granted I never used Flash before and be totally new at it, but given loads of people use Flash these days, I mean how difficult can it be? I will be reviewing online tutorials though.

I want to make something special for Christmas for the Sonic fandom to enjoy and I've had this Festive story for Sonic mauling in my head for years. I've already written (most) of the script for it including details, scene locations and music cues. (Just need to decide what exactly happens on Scene 6.) It's an adventure of Sonic saving Christmas from Dr. Eggman while at the same time enlightening the audience on bits of history on Christmas, such as the winte rholidays before and around it. It will star Sonic, Tails, Amy, Rouge and maybe even Knuckles and Shadow but I haven't found where they can be involved in the story yet. Other characters will be Marketa and little girl and mum from SA2s CGI cutscenes, the one with the twin braids though she maybe replaced with other generic parent and child.

Anyway I've alreaday started production and going to try and put it up before Decembers end. If I can't finish it by then, then I'll save it for next year when it's more in season. If there is any other Flash animations on SNN, I would like to keep in touch for tips and help now and again. (Already need help to make a fade transition between first and next backgrounds) So yeah, would like help.

If you want to see other festive Sonic animations, I'd reccomend my Top 5 from 2014. Granted it's a two year old list but there hasn't been much Sonic fan animations added to it since then other than the Christmas with Sonic series which is an inspiration to me. Not saying you should watch them right now, we just had Halloween and the Americans haven't had Turky Day yet. Just something to look forward to for December.

Set back

I don't have a microphone to record audio with. This is important as I want to voice all the characters in development so I can get a good idea of what voicelines to set. This will actually set me back quite a bit.

I can't guarantee I can finish this by Decembers end. But I do wish to finish this project someyear for Christmas.