Let's say I made a Sonic fan game that functions like Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Final Fantasy games before FFX (before they began using confusing junctions and systems). Doesn't matter if turn-based or active time.

Each character in the party have there own level of "Magic Points" which they can use to do abilities like Sonic summoning a whirlwind or Knuckles seizmic smashing the ground etc. They also have there own basic statistics which varies there strengths and abilities.

However, instead of individual levels of "Health Points", what if there is only one point system for health that is shared by all? When you get attacked, no matter who it is, everyone takes it for the team as it's just one big health meter.

And also, what if that single health system also doubles as your currency system? So not only do you have to becareful in battle but shopping too as it's game over when you are attacked with 0 rings.

This is what I have in mind if I ever made a Sonic RPG or even MMORPG. This health/currency thing in mind is because in actual Sonic games Sonic doesn't have a health meter and just has rings which in modern games double as currency.

So what if I made a Sonic RPG where rings double as health and currency? I can't quite see the flaws in this idea but I know they are there. Or do you think RPGs are the only acception for Sonic and friends having actual health points?