So, this is a thing now. I can't help but wonder why not something Sonic to begin with? After all Sega contributed promotionals to Alien: Isolation, Spiral Knight, The Cave and 2 Total War promotionals. Cosmetics based on Sonic would be nice, especially to promote Sonic Mania for pre-order on Steam right now.

I got Blender, but I don't know how to use it let alone know how to submit hats to the TF2 workshop. I got this hat in mind that resembles Sonic's head but still identifiable as a hat as well as fit in with the 1950’s-60’s Americana look. (A sort of blue flying cap with quills and fastened neck strap, with green-tinted skiing goggles). But as said I don't know how to make hats for TF2. If I could, would make hat myself and quit bellyaching about it, but I can't. And it's likely TF2 wouldn't bother given they had the oppotunity with Sega for ages, but will go for a Mario hat instead.

I guess it bothers the 90s gamer in me for all the wrong reasons I guess. I hate that Mario has more of an influence than Sonic.

Anyway I still haven't finished my TF2 map of Green Hill Zone for the same reasons, I need the right models and animations to finish it which I don't have. But I am considering just finishing it as it is. I'm the kind of artist who needs to be fully satisfied with his work even if it ends up a poorly balanced map in the end.

If there is any Blender modelers out there who can import to SFM/GMod and can hel pme finish my things, I'd really appreciate the help.