A sequal blog to A hypothetical question also asking about ideas for a Sonic RPG.

To make the Sonic RPG feel more traditional to popular RPGs like Final Fantasy, what if the game also has a summoning system? Summoning isn't exactly a Final Fantasy exclusive concept as other RPGs have simular battle options to call on god like monsters or dragons to deal $#!7-load of damage to your enemies. So I wondered if I ever made a Sonic RPG, what if Sonic and his friends were also given the ability to "summon"?

I given it some thought but to be honest, other than hyper-energy organisms like Chaos or Iblis, I can't really think of enough characters worthy of "summon" type. So I thought about bending the rules a little, after all Summoning doesn't have to be necessary to the Sonic RPGs story or an impact to Sonic's world.

An idea for the RPGs side story is something called "Sega Stars". They either look like mini-CDs in blue plastic squares or Forcejewels in the shape of blue five-pointed stars.

Sega Stars come from Maginaryworld and works like Red Materia from FF7. With it you are able to summon a hero from another Sega game to temporarily help you in battle.

I know not everyone would like the idea of other games leaking into Sonic's world like this but keep in mind it's of no major impact to the RPGs story set in Sonic's world. I especially know that not everyone will like me using ideas from one of Sonic's worst games Sonic Shuffle but I believe the games story is interesting for RPG use.

Besides, I can easily imagine Rouge the Bat with Bayonetta as her default summon. It's both an obvious and funny choice.