What exactly is a "post-carnation"? I don't even know if that is the accurate word for it. dunno if I even made it u or not.

A post incarnation is someone who is someone else in a reset universe. Not to be confused with a reincarnation who is someone who is reborn from someone else. Post-carnations appear different from their previous incarnations but still retain similar history and habbits that match with current reality.

This list is of Archie Sonic characters before and after the Super Genesis Wave who I believe have the very same soul.

Pre-Super Genesis Wave Post-Super Genesis Wave Reasons/Similarities
Julie-Su Relic the Pika While little in common they work closely with Knuckles, have an interest in ancient culture and some ship Relic with Knuckles. I'm personally hoping I'm wrong and that Shade the Echidna would be Julie-Su's counterpart for logical reasons, but she has yet to be introduced in the series.
Shard the Metal Sonic Gemerl Both share similar colour schemes, behavior and attitude. Whats a bit silly is that Shard is based off Metal Sonic 3.0 while Gemerl is actually a reincarnation of Emerl.
Nate Morgan Dr. Ellidy Both portrait as self-impose exiles as well as scientists in late years. Both are also studying Power Rings.
Mina Mongoose Honey the Cat Both have flare-based a passion, both requiring audience/customers for their interest but at the same time can hold their own in a fight.
Mammoth Mogul Breezie the Hedgehog While both radically different characters, both owned the Casino Night Zone along with affiliates and both use manipulative methods to get what they want.

When more similiar characters are known, I'll add to the list. Still hoping for Scourge the HedgehogAshura the Hedgehog someday.

Comment below who you think should be added to the list and why.