I had this idea for awhile. It is pretty much the Sega version of the hit 90s TV show Captain N: The Game Master. I had this idea baking for awhile and it's from watching this cringe-worthy YouTube series that finalised my ideas. However if like the YouTube series I found it plays between video games and real life then maybe unlike the original cartoon, the protagonist may have the freedom to go home, in which this idea of mine can switch from 2D cartoon to live action at certain scenes/

The story in mind is set in the mid-90s since the Mega Drive plays a crucial role. Like Kevin Keene the protagonist (whom for sake of blog we'll call Chad Velmont) is drawn into Videoland by a mysterious elder known as King Charles.

The king says that he himself was imprisoned in this dark world by an evil mind and that this world is merely a reflection of his own. It is also terrorised by Vil-N who is the evil reflection of his worlds champion and armed with a power-glove. King Charles however discovered that there was an abandoned Palace of Power in his imprisoned world which leads to a variety of different Warps and also found it shares a calling for a Champion branded with the letter "S". Befriending such heroes as Ax Battler (GoldenAxe), Opa-Opa (Fantasy Zone) and Alex Kidd, Chad is now Captain S and must fight Vil-N in order to protect all of the worlds based on 90s Sega games.

An interesting idea that is unique to this that wasn't in the original Captain N series is that Captain S may have the freedom to return to his world if he needs and that sometimes video game characters (which could be standard enemies from various games) may intrude on his reality, taking the form of cruedly made 3D virtual beings.

I've had this idea for awhile and would like to see if it's possible. If I had Flash and could animate with it and knew the guys behind that YouTube series, maybe make something more professional and enjoyable.