I was going to have a Christmas blog for December... but I found one of a few YouTube videos of biblic prophacies relating to current events in America. Some of you may know what I am on about, others may not. I'd rather not provide links or videos because while I am not a religious person, it doesn't take much to make me paranoid if it's the right things I care about.

Eitherway, on the off chance what I am scared of happens sooner than expected, I'd rather say what I want to say now and express my love to you all than be it too late.


It isn't just bible prophacies but Nostradamus and a few other prophets as well throughout history has all predicted the same thing. Nostradamus believes Obama will be the last president of America. The bible refers to Obama as the "King of the South" and Vladamir Putin as the "King of the North" and that he will use some sort of EMP bomb that will knockout all of America causing chaos and darkness amongst it's people. I've seen what you guys get up to on Black Fridays after Thanks giving, American consumers can be brutal. Anarchy will happen which will further weaken Americas strength against invasion. The prophacy is believed this will happen somewhen by the end of 2016. Either December or next years January.

What got me worried isn't lack of internet or no more Sonic if it happens, what has me worried the most is the safety and well being of our American friends I made here on SNN and other friends online. The idea of you guys being the victims of looting, anarchy or social chaos all the while without security or appliances to help you, just chaos and darkness, and all because you're caught in the crossfire between whats decided between presidents. That scares me.

I doubt it will happen tommorow and I strongly wish it will just never happen. We had doomsday and judgement day prophacies the last few years which turned out to be duds, I'm hoping this WW3 prophacy begining with darkness and anarchy in all of America is no more than just conspiracy wads. If it turns out I'm wrong and nothing happens after a few months ro so, then go ahead and troll me about it. I'd rather be mocked as a fool than wake up with news of chaos all over America and can't access wikia to ask if you're all safe.

But on the off chance it does happen, know that I love you all and know I will be thinking about you all constantly if it does happen. I will miss Sonic and all the nice people I've grown fond of around him and will dearly wish for your safety and security.

But yes, I could simply have let conspiracy wads get the better of me and paranoid over abolutely nothing. I truely hope so. Paranoia sits at the back of my brain and it's hard to concentrate and free myself from it once it sets in.


So yeah, if I can put my paranoia asside, my Sonic Christmas project is on hiatus because I don't have the right equipment to record voices with. For the Monobook skin I will be decorating SNN the usual skins, you all know what I do for SNN around December and will be doing so on December first.

Thats really all I got to say on Decembers matter so it wouldn't of been much of a blog post by then.