Some of you may recall ages ago I made a thread called TF2 Mapping to show my attempts to make Green Hill Zone as a playable map for the game Team Fortress 2. Granted that old thread was over 2 years a go and TF2 has been a bit dead since Tough Break and Meet Your Match pretty much killed it, but I haven't given up on this project. In fact I've been on-and-off working on it the last few years.

The reason why I went silent is because I've lost the original map (Good riddance as it was riddled with novice errors) and started a brand new version of koth_greenhill. I've been working on it for the last few years but I haven't made major announcements of my process because of the one thing my map needed that had always eluded me... well 2 things, but I'll sort out props later. I didn't wanted to show anything until I had the right textures for it. Getting the textures was the most difficult part as well as putting them in the right folder. Now this is what I made so far!


Green Hill Zone as a TF2 map.

I plan for there to be various easter eggs. But long story short, the mercs got stuck on Sonic's world. RED was hired by Dr. Eggman to take over Green Hill Zone and BLU agreed to help Sonic and Tails fight for it.

For now that map is simply saved as 'greenhill' but thats because it's the "master file" with plans for there to be a King of the Hill and Capture the Flag variants of the map. Each side has it's own "hill", the hill has a tunnel through it or players can go over or around it. There is a hut on top of the hill that serves as a snipers hut or general battlements. Taking the direct path through the hill will allow you to cross a bridge to reach a third hill at the very center of the map (A cylinder shaped mound located on a larger cylinder shaped mound. Think Pumpkin Mountain.) There is also the option of going under the hill where caves are located. I plan to put team coloured crystals there.

For KotH, simply cross the bridge and capture the control point. Becareful not to fall down or it maybe difficult climbing back up. However I plan to put springs around the map to make accessing the top path more easier. (Those circular blue markers are where I plan to put springs.)
For CtF, the bridges are removed the the tunnel is fenced off. However the tunnel will have an Ancient Ruin located where the intelligence is located.

With TF2s popularity at an all time low and me taking ages to put this map together, I cannot promise it will be finished in the next few months. But since the acomplishment of any of my major projects is my new years resolution then the very least will promise to have this map finished by years end.

On another note, it was my birthday 6 days a go, but don't sweat it. Got Lego Dimensions and the Sonic Levle pack but yet to set my XBox 360 online to play it.