I forgot we do the thing every October for Halloween. Iguess it's not all that thread worthy because we do it every year and really the "Halloween spirit" sets in late October. I'm hoping the very least we can have the {{halloween}} tag converted to javascript on the account it interferes with certain MonoBook menus.

Eitherway hope you have a spooky one.


I don't wanna make a site thread about it because it's probably just me, that and I am just a handful of those who prefer the monoboom skin than oasis.

But honestly, I miss the old MonoBook skins before SNN10. And it's nothing to do with the fact I made the holiday ones, in fact I can't really take full credit for them since they were mostly recolours of the original. The reason why I like them was because of the simplicity of the design, they were not too distracting and quite charming.

The modern monobook skin we have, a modern Sonic icon in a blue circle, it just seems rather bland. However I believe it would be more suited for the Oasis Skin. Also I made Modern Halloween SNN background and Modern XMas Wiki background backgrounds for the modern skins which follow the same pattern designs as the current blue background, however I still don't find them as good as the classics. They just seem too... I dunno "stylized" in a flashy sort of way. Still, I'm satisfied with how they ended up and they'll do for now, just think they're better off for Oasis skin than MonoBook if SNN decide to have tiled backgrounds there also. (I rarely check Oasis SNN.)

Still, thats just like, my oppinions man. I could always set my own skins for just myself so that works for me too.

Probably not blog worthy to talk about, but I'm not one for Twitter either. Just thought to get it off my mind.