Inspired by such animations like BalenaProductions Christmas with Sonic as well as this pretty unique piece. As well as the fact most Sonic flash animations I found are usually to simply mock Sonic or a few decent sprite animations (a few of them actually good).

I too will attempt to make my very own Sonic fan animation for Christmas. In all honesty I do not know I will be able to finish my festive project before Christmas Day. Yes I have very little experiance with my animation program but I figured that if there is some things in the world that won't exist unless you do something about it.

While a fanfictional story, the lore is set on Earth from Sonic's games. However the country where the story takes place is called America because I believe United Federation is more of Sonic's world version of the federal republic United States so if anything same country, different names and locations. (The story mostly takes place in restored Station Square anyway.) Also Zones such as Icecap Zone or Ice Mountain Zone may play an important part. I haven't decided yet, the script is nearly finished.

I will also need voice cast for the project. But I do not wish to hold auditions until I know for certainty I can do this. Plus voices may have to be added after animations, because I don't want to hold auditions, record all the dialogue and turns out nothing will happen. Planned characters are Sonic, Tails, Amy, Rouge and Dr. Eggman. As for Shadow, Knuckles and others, well I hope to at least have Knuckles in the story somewhere but over all I'd like it to be roughly a 20 minute adventure. (Orbot and Cubot won't be in the story because I don't really like them all that much.)

I may have to put my Sonic the Comic fan comic on hold until then. After all I also have another, more long term comic I've been meaning to work on but putting off. I'd really like to make this Christmas Sonic animation.

On second thoughts

I want to make this animation, but due to how crappy Vectorian Giotto is, I'll have to put it on hold until I can get a better animation program.