I made up my own kind of wisp. I coloured it pale blue since blue and cyan were already taken.


Colour Colour Power Description Turns user into
PaleBlue Wisp Pale Blue Blue Blizzard Turns Sonic into an ice form that generates freezing cold wind. Temporary freezes eggpawns and similar size enemies and turn smaller badniks into blocks of ice. Blue Blizzard


Coincidentally bareing resemblence to Earths popular frozen confectionary (with the "eyes" on the "cream"), while Sonic's changed state more resembles a crystal snowflake design.


The Pale Blue wisps are known for their cool reputation. Usually found in the polar regions of their homeworld, when it comes to cosmic migration they prefer cold places though they can manage well in warmer climates, representing how to remain chill that can give even Sonic a lesson in cool. For some reason though, they appear impatient and at time hostile towards Red Wisps, the two kinds prefering to keep apart.


The function of this wisp can be used as both as an attack and for various weight-based and ice themed gameplay mechanics.

The Pale Blue wisp allows the use of "BLIZZARD!", Sonic will summon icy winds and snow around him that will freeze enemies. After the hyper-go-on wears off, the player can then pick up smaller frozen robots for whatever use (thrown at other enemies or use as weights), or attack the frozen eggpawns. Frozen eggpawns cannot be picked up when frozen and will eventually break free, however Sonic will be able to attack them with no resistance until then. The bigger the enemy the quicker the frozen state will wear off, while small badnik sized enemies will be permanatly frozen.

Let's say that there was a large sturdy door with three large Switches that all need vertical pressure to activate. Two motobugs patrol the area (and more seem to spawn when destroyed). Blizzard will freeze the motobugs into solid frozen chunks of scrap. After the hyper-go-on wears off, the player can then pick up the frozen robots and place them on two of the switches, Sonic himself standing on the third. Blue Blizzard also freezes eggpawns but they will soon thaw and break free, they cannot be picked up in such state. The bigger the enemy the quicker they will free themselves.

Another obvious function of the Blue Blizzard is to extinguish fire or cool down areas where water is not avilable. Perhaps some other gameplay elements susceptible to freezing will also be effected.

If wisps were in Sonic Adventure, having a freezing wisp like my one would make more sense than Dr. Eggman attempt at helping Chaos 6. And with Wispons introduced in Sonic Forces, imagine what kinda wispon would be suited for my wisp.