Whenever we had users who often wish to have more creative space here for Sonic fan tribute such as characters or fiction, usually mods encourage users to make use of userpages. Me, I often encourage these users to give Sonic Fanon Wiki a try because I believed that this place was open for Sonic fans to be creative. This is because I believe if they want to have there own place of Sonic's worlds marked out on a wiki, they would need to do so where they have something to show for it and have plenty of space to splurge out more. I also believe I was doing some good to have visitors passing through SNN and SFW.

Yes I know the SFW has had some bad reputation, some of us think the community can be cruel and especially outside the Sonic fandom where it is mocked thus bad reputation. But as we all should know for such internet critics: "Don't feed the trolls".

However since both our wiki's are organised by Sonic fans as well as at times some articles hotlinking to some of our articles, this means that there will be "fancrap" articles such as poorly written stories or badly made fan characters such as Mary Sues or recolours. SOnic fans and just generally internet people will think low of these articles but all in all they are stil important to the individuals and their small cliques who made them. I've always believed that no matter how bad the characters are, a wiki that encourages fan content should be open for all the fans. SNN is By the fans, for the fans while SFW was for the fans, by the fans.

Still, of late Sonic Fanon Wiki have been more strict with there article standards. While I do admit that these policies are well organised they can be a bit difficult to follow at times. If articles are found to not fufill standards they will be marked for deletion. Articles can be restored so that they are not permanatly gone but still even when you're following your articles, if you have a lot of them you may not know instantly when you've been marked until it's too late to make the neccessary changes.

Please read my latest blog and comments on SFW. The subject was why has the Sonic Fanon Wiki became more strict with it's standards. It's here I learned what the people of SFW who are in charge are really like.

They have pretty much "responded to trolls" on a rather big level all for the sake of reputation and thus instead of being an open-free for all as the main page promise, the wiki only prefers articles that just meet there standards. All Sonic fans, whenever talented or not are allowed to add articles as long as they aproove of them.

I'm not speaking dirt of Sonic Fanon Wiki, some of those who responded to my blog who I believe are staff did so nicely to have me understand what they needed to do for there own wiki, while another has been completely blunt and said that he cares not for those of inferior skills. Not only that but dislike of Sonic News Network when I've always thought we had a communionship.

I was genuinely sad at the thought that these Sonic fans became so concerned over the judgement they recieved from those outside the wiki that they themselves became judgemental of those inside the wiki.

The thing is, we Sonic fans will always get dirt thrown at us from some other group or so. It is the same for other organisations and religions. But I think it's wrong to cripple oneself, as individuals or as a group, because of the judgement of others outside your interest. Those trolls just see us as recolours spaz playing with games they believe are bad and some of them are so fixed in this oppinion that no matter of quality will change there minds for the entire fanbase.

I didn't joined Sonic Fanon Wiki or started articles because the place was popular, I joined because as a Sonic fan with more ideas than my brain can handle, just wanted a place to share my characters and ideas. Even if my articles themselves are little popular or even a mess, I don't care as long as they are mine.

But for now on, when it comes to members here wanting to share more fan-ideas of theres I don't think I can speak possitive of Sonic Fanon Wiki anymore.