I do have an article all about my Sonic fan character Mystic Monkey, you can find all about him on that link.

To be precise he is a Sega Sonic OC, as in he lives on Sonic's world in the games. Not any of the comic or cartoon Mobius'.

He is "british", to be precise born in one of Sonic's worlds countries known as Grand Kingdom.

His weapon of choice is the standard sword. The logic is because he doesn't have spikey hair like Sonic, fists like Knuckles or heavy tails like Tails. The sword is pretty much his only defence.

He initially suffered from a disability to use Chaos Powers, however he once went to the World of Camelot where Caliburn tutored him as a knave and he overcame his inner-conflicts, became a paladin and "earned" the right for the Chaos Emeralds to make him Ultima Mystic.

I've had Mystic for over a decade now, but sometimes even I wonder if he's a little outdated. I mean I used to like monkeys but not as much anymore. I do like swords and often go with a british theme especially with all of Sonic and the Black Knight brings to the table. This because I find most things "Americanized" and be nice if we had more British stuff for a change before whats left of this country is ruined thanks to the European Nation and parliment.

I guess I'll keep Mystic as he is since I got history with him but still, not as all that satisfied with him as I once was years a go.