I am not dead or have given up SNN, in fact I just contributed to the halloween thread for a Werehog theme background this month. I haven't done much article making or editing but if I see anything I'll work on it. Also I think my user page is haunted by pumpkins!
Halloween Wiki background I hope this to be SNN Halloween background.
Also, what is your oppinions on Sonic Boost, or to be precise, the Boost Gauges? I have had some mixed reviews about it, it is praised for granting Sonic the element of speed in his modern games however I also heard reviews of it being a bit of an overkill, such as how it can be too good and can cut through most of the stages, how it should be nerf'd, stuff like that. Even I admit that it can be too powerful of a gameplay element for Sonic to have and miss the Dreamcast era of gameplay where you can freely explore as well than just smash robots and proceed. However with Sonic being about speed he needs to keep up with modern times and it is quite an exhilarating feeling mowing down robots at breakneck speed, so while the very boost feature discourages the player to explore, I think it is a part of Sonic now.

I am gonna try to remedy this Boost issue in my Ultimate project, perhaps instead of a primary boost gauge, just a small charge meter that rapidly depletes over time and Sonic needs to wait for it to be filled or collect a single ring for it to be instantly filled. This way this encourages the player to stop explore more often or if in-level cutscenes require constant boost, just make it automated and lay rings down. This could balance it out well. I would love to see my Ultimate Sonic game on SFGHQ someday, or even better at Sonic Sage!