Takashi Iizuka has stated that SEGA wants "Mario fans" to play Sonic Lost World.

As a 90's Sonic fan I hate it when Sonic games are compared to Mario games, so I find it dissapointing that for Sonic Lost World, that is exactly what the game is going for in order to please Mario fans, that this is the reason the new gameplay different than the preceding "Modern era" of Sonic games.

I believe it is all to do with the conspiracy theory I always had since Sonic Unleashed that Sega is now under Nintendo's thumb. Even today I still believe the theory. Now Sonic's gameplay is nerf and Lost Hex is all brightly colourful and Sonic is facing a series of enemies who bare resemblence and simular roles to the Kooplings and not his usual enemies who are robots or an elemental monster.

The gameplay itself doesn't look as good as I hope it to be, while yes there will be two modes of gameplay, slow parkour and standard fast, I do not believe the game will have Sonic's signiture speed as he is shown in Unleashed, Colours and Generations and that the whole parjour thing is just to cover the fact Sonic is nerfed down. I can't even imagine how Sonic can use his new abilities in future Sonic games off the planet/island Hex and on his homeworld Earth which it's terrain is much different from. Future Sonic games may either have to switch back to either Modern or Dreamcast gameplay or that future Sonic games will not take place on Earth which means more changes to the formula that have made Sonic good since the 90's.

The point I am getting at is that I believe Sega is trying to make Sonic someone he is not, and that Someone is Mario. He should be himself even if us Sonic fans don't find him or all of his games perfect.

To not get hopes up on the new game is one thing but am I the only one who has these levels of doubts? Am I the only one who see's the relationship between Nitnendo and Sega as suspicious? Is ther any hope for Sega to get out of there?