Dreams come true friends! Dreams come true. Small town Sonic fan will be going to the big city to attend the Summer of Sonic convention this year! I neve rbeen to London before so it'll be quite the adventure.

I plan on taking my copy of Sonic Generations in hopes to get it covered with autographs from Sega staff and voice actors. (Wonder if Ryan Drummond is going? Be sweet if I could have his autograph.)

I will also bring a camera to record the events and upload on to my channel. If Sonic News Now wishes for me to record specific footage or want me to be me news reporter, let me know and I'll see if I can get the footage you need. But keep in mind I'll be there for fun and dunno if I can be much of a news reporter.

Dates of my departure will be 6th August. Going to SoS is something I've always wanted to attend and still I can't quite believe it for myself (still fan-freaking out over the fact). Four months is plenty for it to sink in and get ready by then. (Though while my brother has the tickets, accomidations are yet prepared.)

So yeah, this monkey is going to SoS.
Big Ben

Who knows, maybe I'll see the sights.