There is plenty Sonic fan animations out there. some of them made up with sprites, others seem more to mock Sonic but there is indeed good Sonic cartoons out there made by Sonic fans. Perhaps next year when I know how to fuh-doddle Flash, I could make that Sonic Christmas animation I had planend this year but could not.

Sadly I think there is not enough Christmas themed Sonic animations out there. Still here is my top 5 Sonic. I would use <youtube> coding but some of these animations I found on Newgrounds and don't want to auto-upload videos to this wiki.

If you have Sonic Christmas animations you want to show me, feel free to post them in the comments below or share them on our Christmas thread.

UPDATED! I just found a new Sonic Christmas animation and had to add it to the list!

5~ The Chaos Emerald King

A flash comic made by Peter Kimball-Evans which is animated as Dr. Eggman and his foes sing along to a charming Christmas carol. Simples and charming Sonic Christmas short. Dr. Eggman, the self-proclaimed Chaos Emerald King, goes after Sonic AoSTH/Grinch style But who truely is king of those gems after all?.

4~ A Way Past 20% Cooler Christmas

By AnimatedJames and one for the bronies. Sonic shares christmas with Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. Fun ensues as the two agree on festive matters. James is known for his humour and skills in animations which he has put into for this Christmas short.

3~ Sonic: Christmas Island

By SonicSuperStar237, his flash story is of Sonic and friends visiting Christmas Island for the holiday, which unlike the actual island, is literally known for it's winter festivities. However, Sonic prefers his Christmas in tropical Green Hill Zone while his friends rather stay for Christmas on the island. While the animation is of novice work and the characters slightly OOC, not only does it still portrays the traditional meanings of Christmas digs deep into Sonic's lore in comparing Sonic himself to Christmas. While it starts off cheesy, I like this Sonic Christmas animation mostly for it's story than presentation. I can tell SSS237 put a lot of effort to make a 20 minute Sonic animation and I'd say it is most definately worth to watch.

2~ A Sonic Christmas Carol

A retelling of Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol with Sonic characters by Sapphire Luna. A well animated, 15 minute Sonic fan animation set around Shadow the Hedgehog as a miserly scrooge. All of Sonic's friends take roles similar to familiar characters from the classic story told in the world of Sonic. The humour is great with funny jokes and quality voice acting that makes it extremely close for first place. While the plot is stripped to it's bones in order to conserve time, it makes up for it with Sonic based elements and is still a fairly accurate telling of the original story. A Sonic Christmas Carol is a must for Sonic fans to watch for Christmas.

1~ Christmas with Sonic series

As a Sonic fan, one of the things I most look forward too during Christmas, is BalenaProductions latest installment to the Christmas with Sonic series. Each episodes usually portrays Sonic as a sort of scrooge. He does like Christmas but prefers to spend Christmas in the comfort of his own home, however every year he is obligated to spend Christmas with his mother, brother and sister. If that wasn' bad enough his mum also invites all of Sonic's friends to Christmas also making it the most stressful time of the year, for Sonic that is.

While animated in a simple story-board way, I still enjoy what each episode has to offer due to it's witty humour and festivities. Each episode roughly 16-18½ minutes in length, BalenaProduction still puts effort into each of these stories and persist to contribute a new Christmas story a week before Christmas every year. These Christmas Sonic animations have become one of my personal Christmas traditions as a Sonic fan and would reccomend them to any Sonic fan with Christmas spirit.

Honourable mentions

Sonic: Christmas Greeting

By Matthew Morandi(Yoshi-1up). Well animated, catchy song, just too short.

Sonic's True Meaning of Christmas

It's... something. By Blueblue3D on Source Filmmaker.

A Sonic Christmas Carol

A sprite animation by Exorvizor as a request from SonicXRules123, praising it for it's animation and choreography as Sonic and his friends stop Dr. Eggman from ruining Christmas at Ice Cap Zone all the while to an awesome rendition of Carol of the Bells