These are the fan games I dedicate myself too.

Problem is though I have been working on these projects for years, with only little progress made. This is because I am trying my best to make these games by myself with little experience on what I must do. Help would be greately appreciated if there are those experienced in game making willing to teach me a few things.

Ultimate Sonic

The story is centered on the classic conflicted of the forces of "Holy" and "Evil". However in this game, two specific characters represents these sides. The return of Mephiles the Dark who seeks the eighth Black Chaos Emerald by manipulating Dr. Eggman and his associates (Nack, his robots, etc) for his doing while Tikal the Echidna response to his threat by returning to the world to ask Sonic and his friends for help.

Similar to Sonic Adventure but maximum of three playable characters, Sonic and Tails must stop Dr. Eggmans scheme while Knuckles must return the power of the Master Emerald, all the while assisting Tikal to fight off Mephiles.

My Little Pony: Trinity (Canceled)

The story starts off with Twilight and her friends in the lost city of Tambelon where they defeat Grogar with the Elements of Harmony. However Grogar is much more powerful than expected and with his remaining power before defeat shattered the Elements of Harmony.

Princess Celestia informs the ponies that while the artifacts housing the elements are destroyed, the magic itself has always been part of Equestria and can be restored. She tasks Twilight with the quest to find the six Shrines of Harmony hidden throughout Equestria to restore the Elements of Harmony and defeat Grogar (who has now taken a semi-phantom form and has an army of boars on his side to hinder the ponies.)

What I am looking forward to this project is the gameplay I have planned for it. Just like Sonic Heroes you can play up to three ponies simultaneously. Unlike Sonic Heroes is that you can select which ponies you want on your team so that you can play as your favourite pony or leave out your worst ones. Of course each ponies have type advantages and polarity attributes which can vary your gameplay and serve for replay value. The reason why I take pride in the gameplay idea is because it can satisfy bronies who are rather picky on ponies and that it playing favorites' will be entirely up to the player. (Of course when it comes to the six shrines are guarded by the Founding Spirits and thus the shrines will only respond to the pony associated with the Element of Harmony.)

Also season 4 may conflict the story planned for the game so changes will be made to adapt to the canon.

Team Fortress 2, Source SDK

If you put "Sonic" in the server search of TF2, you get one server hosted by ParadoxPowerPlays. Put in "Mario" and you get many servers for him as well as maps based on his games to play in. ParadoxPowerPlay only has default TF2 maps to play with.

I find this an injustice and would like to make some maps for TF2 such as koth_greenhill, cp_pumpkinhill (Halloween mode map) and SRB2 multiplayer maps remade for TF2. Also the Egg Carrier from Sonic Adventure be port as a map, perhaps the side docks serving as spawn points and where you fight Chaos 6 being cap point.

Also recently, I played a new TF2 mod called "Slender" which functions like the horror game Slender. RED team explores various locations looking for items (such as notes) while being picked off and chased by a monster (such as Slenderman), meanwhile BLU just chill behind the scene until it is there turn, each round lasting roughly half a minute.

While playing "Frost Run" I asked if there were any Tails Doll or Sonic.exe fans in which no one has heard of them. Pity since I thought it be brilliant idea if any of those two characters were predators in this game mode. I even considered the third act of Scrap Brain Zone for Master system/Game Gear could be remade into an industrial ruin theme map where the Sonic theme monster can chase you. (While the original layout of Scrap Brain Act3 was a side map where Sonic needed springs or to fall to go up and down, that can all be replaced if this map will be a single floor layout based on the original Scrap Brain part.)

Good news!

I finally got Hammer Editor working for me, albeit a few problems here and there. I can finally start making stages on them. I also have a new idea for a Sonic themed TF2 map! mvm_robotropolis. (Dr. Robotnik has robotisized the BLU team.)

Many More

My head is full with ideas, at times they keep me up at night and frustrates me that I can't do anything about them. If I can't have a team who are willing to make my game by the letter, I am begging for the experience to independently make games all by myself so that I can express myself creatively.

It has always been my dream to be the greatest video game designer and producer in the world, perhaps rivaling in Shigeru Miyamoto. Maybe even work for Sonic Team someday as it would make me incredibly happy to see my games as legit articles on SNN someday.

If you all like my ideas so far, I'll do what I can to make these fan games real.