No sir, I don't like 'em.

Well, I don't hate them, just find them unnecessary.

If anything they show that the cartoons have more of an influence to the games than we thought. Because let's face it, Orbot and Cubot are the Scratch and Grounder, Sleet and Dingo and especially Decoe and Bokkun to the games.

In which case, Dr. Eggman never needed particular assistant robots because he always had lots of Egg Pawns to help him anyway. In fact, Orbot and Cubot can be entirely replaced in SOnic COlours with Egg Pawns and in Sonic Lost World, the bots had only three useful roles. Sampling Life energy from the Extractor, Tails fixing Cubot with a Crabmeats body and finding Dr. Eggman in the end. I think it's only when Tails tried to fix Cubot that had any significants to anyone in the game. The rest could easily be replaced with generic Badniks.

It wouldn't be to my suprise at all if Sonic Boom will be the first Sonic cartoon that will not have brand new assistants for the doctor and perhaps be Orbot and Cubots role, only further prooving they are better off there than in the games.

I understand that Dr. Eggman's character has developed over the years in which he needs interactions with both friends and foes for him to develop. However I don't think he really needed assistance as he did since thr beginning of his career as Sonic's nemesis. He often had times where he was on good terms with Sonic which portrait him in another light, Sonic Lost World being a good example of this where he opens up to Sonic more.

Personally, if Dr. Eggman really does need an assistant, my ideal choice for him would be Nack the Weasel. I can imagine Nack and Dr. Eggman having a relationship like Sleet from Sonic Underground but instead be more ideal to confront Sonic as well as have a backbone and one for snarky comments with his "boss". This way the twos partnership can be off or on when the games need Dr. Eggman to have a friend or foil at times.

All in all, Orbot and Cubot are my least favorite characters in the games.