For the time being, I will be out of commission on SNN and my usual haunts for awhile. I'm guessing I'll be back roughly around October but I am hoping for sooner the better.

Recently moved to Tywyn, my family were expecting internet 2 nights a go but BT likes d!¢<ing with us. My brother might get us to another server that won't troll us.

At the moment I'm at a library computer with just 10 minutes left and I can't do my SNN admin duties like this. Especially with how mad sensitive the mouse is.

I'll be back frequenting SNN as soon as I can, but the very least may see me around later half of October, but hoping to come back much-much sooner.

Cool thing about writing this blog out on Library computer, spell-check! Dunno how to get that feature on FireFox.

See you guys soon.