I have been watching plays of Sonic.exe where the player is freaked out by Sonic and all. But to be honest I find it dissapointing. In fact I find most Sonic creepypasta (and by most I mean just the two I know of) dissapointing since it has potential but poorly executed one way or another.

My choice of Sonic based CreepyPasta themes would be either Fakery Way or, if I needed music for Sonic creepypasta but not Sonic music, I'd choose A Losing Battle from the game Illbleed, eitherway keep it Sonic, or at least Sega related. I would also make use of the drowning theme since I know most Sonic fans have slight fears from it.

What is your comments and verdicts on how scary you find Sonic CreepyPasta. And also do you know any other Scary Sonic stories I do not know of?


It's not just that I don't find Sonic.exe creepy but the fact that it specifically uses music from EarthBound and sounds from FF6.

I can understand the creative difficulty of making such a game/character more horrifying within the confines of the series based on the character, but I find using outter sources just makes it questionable and can be horrible than horror-full. Wouldn't it be best if Evil Sonic had his own laugh than one ripped from Kefka? A laugh collected from Junichi Kanemaru or, if Classic Sonic, Jaleel White can be made more creepier through Audacity. A free sound editing program.

Another thing is the music, it uses music from EarthBound like reversed Caverns of Winter theme and Giygas' theme. Gigyas theme defenetly has an unnerve tune to it but it's been done over.

Some Sonic music had really creepy theme. For example in the American version of Sonic CD replaced the boss theme with a creepy verison, which was used in Madjin secret message. I am suprise it isn't used more in Sonic based CreepyPasta.

My personal favourate Sonic OST which I find creepy and would like to hear more of in Sonic CreepyPasta works would be Fakery Way. It has this casual piano tune with what sounds like howling background wind followed by dramatic orchestrated moments which bring up tension. And hide a creepy chao laugh in the mix. I find it better than Gigyas theme.

What I did like about Sonic.exe game is the use of the Sonic 1 drowning theme for when Sonic was about to kill Tails. I liked that because which Sonic fan hasn't been traumatized by the drowning theme? Heck it should be Evil Sonic's theme.

Tails Doll Curse

Tails Doll is another meme which could of been better. I don't believe in the Tails Doll curse but it could of been more convincing if done right. I admire Tails Doll apperance. The fact Dr. Eggman can't make plushies if he tries makes Tails Doll more frightening in apperance when perhaps not ment to be at all. He has a sort of Voodoo doll theme of his own which makes him slightly disturbing and the fact he has a zipper on his back makes me curious what he is hiding within him, or preventing comming out.

Also, there is this glitch to some system of Sonic R which makes Tails Doll "losing" animation appear he is bleeding, which goes with his horrifying effects.

But what I don't get at all, what truely ruins it for me, is Tails Doll "theme", which is Can You Feel the Sunshine by Richard Jacques and TJ Davis. For one thing it is just damn too cheerful for a robot turned monster. I can't really take Tails Doll serious as a creepypasta with that music at all. Another thing is that it was never really his race-track theme. Tails Doll is unlockable on Radical City, it's theme is Living in the City. Can You Feel the Sunshine is Resort Island's theme where you unlocked Metal Sonic.

This choice for music for Tails Doll has and always will confuse me so. Why not, at the time the creepypasta was written, it could of said that one of the music themes could of got glitched up and distorted to sound creepier or something.

*Minor edit*

I found the original article on the subject of Tails Doll. At least I think it's the original as I thought it was from Quacker and I tihnk the story is poorly written but I like certain elements of the story, like the fact it is a single cursed Sonic R game than some sort of ritual you can do with any Sonic R game.

I also like that Tails Doll theme is reversed "Can You Feel the Sunshine" and the dark red and black stage sounds interesting.

The only complaint to it is the story was badly written and could of been much better, due to this it makes it's like a bad 80's horror movie. Eitherway the element of the cursed game is prefered over the story.