I designed this game purposely to be simple enough for anyone to follow and play, regardless if experianced TTRPers or just playing with friends.

This ruleset is still WIP and severely unbalanced. The blog may change frequantly as it updates. Comments and suggestions welcomed.

Dice requirement and function

A six sided dice is required to play. Six sided dice are the more common varient of dice.

It is also important to know that 1 is more valued than 6.

1 = A (Critical)
2 = B
3 = C
4 = D
5 = E
6 = F (Fail)

If possible, play with an alphabetized dice.

Character Creation

Standard for all players. With 14 points to spend on each stat.

The default number of points for each stat is the minimum of 1. 6 being the maximum number of points each stat can hold.


Sonic1 gamebook sheet

The original stats from the Gamebooks.

Based after the Vital Statistics from the gamebooks, some stats replaced for modern based Sonic gaming.

Replacing "Speed" from the gamebooks. The player can choose one of either of the three stats to make up the kind of character you are. The class stat can be used in combat. It is also rolled for feats of strength, quick or aerial skills, it is one thing to be good at what you can do but also to stop as well.
You can choose any of the three Class Stats which determins what kind of character you are, whether it be quick and agile, strong or simply posses the ability to defy gravity. Certain situations in roleplay may require specific class stats for progress.
  • Endurance
Replacing "Strength" from the gamebooks to not be confused with Power. Endurance is used for test of will-power and own strength. Such as when the character is under pressure, struggling with difficulties etc.
  • Intelligence
Ones own wisdom for puzzle solving, planning or escaping tricky situations.
  • Agility
Balance, coordination and reflexes for when situations call for the player to get out a tight spot.
  • Style
A unique stat based after "Coolness" that can still be used for TTRPing. Because sometimes it is okay to boast and show off your skills and can have it's own rewards. But remember it only takes a single letter to make the "Cool" from "Fool".
  • Perception
It is summed up in "Quick Wits" from the Gamebooks but can also apply with the use of other general senses as well to detect problems or dangers.
  • Charisma
Summed up in "Cool Looks", it is about how others percieve you. Such as attitude, apperance or knowing when and what to say the right thing.

Each stat has the limit of 6. For balance, each player can be limited to 20 points to spend on each statistic.


Abilities you start off with which grant various gameplay advantages. Each player has the maximum of two.

Benefit Penalty Info/RolePlay
Dodge! Agility Roll to prevent ring loss in combat. Exclusive to Speed characters. Be too quick for enemies to lay a hit on you.
Block! Endurance Roll to prevent ring loss in combat. Exclusive to Power characters. Stand strong and suck it up! Be your own shield.
Rise! Performance Roll to prevent ring loss in combat. Exclusive to Fly characters. They can't hit you if they can't reach you.
Chump Change If hit in battle, ring loss reduce to units instead of tenth from roll. Super Ring value reduce to units instead of tenth from roll. You don't have much to loose if you didn't have much to begin with.
Chaos Control Agility Roll to attack multiple enemies. Chaos Emerald required "Chaos- CONTROL!"
Cover Can creat Barrier Shields for other players -3 in prime stat. First do no harm. (Roleplay wise able to heal other players.)
Firearms Perception Roll for attack -3 in prime stat, gun based weapon required. You're as good as your aim.
Shield Stack Shields of any type can stack up to three, allowing the shielded to take up to three hits. Found shield type will replace current shield type while taking an attack will nullify it to Barrier Shield. Better safe than sorry.
Sword at arms Agility Roll for attack with blade based weapon. -3 in prime stat without blade based weapon. Like a knight of old you do better with a sword in hand.
Sorcery Intelligence Roll for attack -3 in prime stat. Magic!

How to play

Traditional to tabletop RPs, a game master is designated to narrate and guide the adventure how he see's fit for the players. Maps and markers are required for navigation.

Rings! Health and Currency

Sonic TTRP does not use traditional health based point system. Instead it is merged with it's currency system.

At the begin of play, the Game Master decides how many rings each player may have. This can be done with dice roll to determine random ammount to be given to all. If players are unhappy with inital ammount yet in each others company they may exchange if permited by Game Master. The Game Master can give players further rigns by finding them during play or rewards for quests.

Rings are loss when the Game Master sees fit to his game. That or with dice rolls that detmine the loss. If a player is attacked without rings then they are knocked out/dead.

Stat rolling

Throughout the adventure there will be obsticals and difficulties that can be sold ether with roleplay or stat rolls. Depending on what the stat is chosen, if the roll is lower than the stat number means that it is successful.

For example:

  • Coldsteel the Hedgehogs walks down a corridor of which could be dangerous.
  • The player could either-
    • Roll for Perception (4) in order to notice traps before he can trigger them.
    • Accidentally trigger a trap but roll for Agility (5) to jump out of harm way.
    • Roll for Speed (6) to run through to set off traps before they can harm him.
  • Whatever he decides, he rolls a 5
    • If he decided to roll for Perception (>5 "bad") , he would of failed to notice a trap and fall for it, thus endures a ring-loss roll.
    • If he decided to roll for Agility (= "Good"), he would avoid it.
    • If he decided to roll for Speed (<5 "Good", "Better"), he would be fast enough to trip all the traps without harm.

It is important to roll lower than your required stat as it will be more in your favour than it would be rolling above it.


Two kind of enemies. Game Master chooses what kind of enemies as well as their attack stats.

  • Standard (1-3 hit points, enemies sometimes in groups.)
  • Boss (6-12 hit points, optional, 8 being traditional.)

Combat is done by rolling with your prime stat as well additional stats if required. Each player takes turn rolling with their prime stats. The lower the roll, the more successful the hit.

When enemies roll low strike, their target opponents must roll to see how many tenths of rings they have lost.

Item Boxes

  • Barrier Shield Protects the player once from damage and ring loss.
  • Lightning Shield Attracts rings, skipping roll requirement for them. Prevent electrical damage, but will disperse after other damage or contact with lots of water.
  • Fire Shield Protects against projectile attacks and prevents fire damage, but will disperse after other damage or contact with lots of water.
  • Invincibility Attack roll value is one and player not harmed for 3 combat rolls.
  • Speed-up Able to have three turns.
  • Super Ring Roll for how many tenths of rings earned.