I wanna talk about my fan character Mystic Monkey. This is because I want an oppinion about something.

I chose Mystic to be a monkey because at the time they were my favourite animals, keep in mind that "time" would be early Dreamcast era when I discovered the Sonic fandom online. Thing is now I'm not really that psyched on monkeys. When you're a child, you think monkeys are fun and brilliant, perhaps a desire for a pet macaque. But when you grow up, you realise they are diseased ridden, screaming poop-flingers. Still after all these years as an online Sonic fan, "Mystic Monkey" has been my Sonic fan character and general internet name. I don't want to change him. Especially since I don't really want to pick a new species I can relate too as well as not too much done before, like a hedgehog.

Anyway, I am satisfied with Mystic Monkey. if I have had any doubts with him from the first time I made him, is the fact he has a sword. His story is that growing up in Grand Kingdom (Not Medieval Grand Kingdom from S&tBK but a modern version on Sonic's world) he learned how to use the sword from a mentor. Nack kills his mentor in order to steal his sword which, being one of Sir Lancelots many blades is exceedingly valuble. Mystic, with his own sword (a much kept better version of the Clarent) pursuits.

The real reason I gave Mystic Monkey a weapon was because Mystic lacked something that Sonic and his friends have: natual defence and that be used offensively. Sonic and Knuckles have spines which they can use to spin attack with. Tails own twin-tails, being large and durable, can be used for attacks. Cream with Cheese and Rouge powerful legs (despite the fact bats actually have very weak legs) serve as there defence. This is why I gave Mystic a sword, a simple bladed weapon that allows Mystic to have an effective spin jump and some effects and without it he is a soft little monkey. My excuse for how he carried it is hammerspace but still, I was never really satisfied with Epic carrying a sword around because it just contrasts with his character of a free spirited hero carrying a bladed weapon.

Anyway what I am getting at is that I always consider to retcon Mystic's story to be rid of a sword. Either replace it with another weapon I think will suit him or perhaps he's better off without one at all, if he is still able to have lethal spin attacks without one.

One the plus side, being a monkey he has natual climbing skills, this makes his primary ability being Parkour and of course while not the fastest of heroes, he is a Speed Type character.

What do you think would be best, or your oppinion on characters with weapons? Is Mystic better off without a sword or with something else?