Ever since I replied to this thread I decided to give another go with map making. I'm going to try to make Green Hill Zone as a King of the Hill map. Makes sense a map centered on hills will be about capturing said hill.

I'm not gonna promise anything. I'm not good at making maps and dount I can have everything I want for this map without help. So don't bee dissapointed I can't do it.

Sadly I lost the previous, original map I was working on so I've started again. This time I am more wiser to TF2 map making and know a bit more on making a decent map.

For example all Source game maps are build with boundaries, even the ones set in outside, theres invisible rooms around you. Because of this I cannot have koth_greenhill as open and spacious as I wanted too originally. This resulted me of having to put the whole map in a box to make it playable and this is a bad thing in map developing.

Another concern is I have to go against a bit of better judgement to make a decent TF2 map. For example TF2 maps usually have fairly open areas for combat. Even interior, corridor areas are usually fairly wide and open to make combat more easy. Because Green Hill Zone was originally a side scroller and Modern Green Hill consist of narrow hills and cliffside paths.

However, my major concern is the fact that I couldn't finish my previous TF2 map "Tower" because I couldn't get Respawn areas to work correctly nor get the skybox to work how I wanted it. Thats my major concern.

However, if I can get this map to work, here are the things I am hoping for it to have:

  • Colour coded Totem Poles. Red and wood for RED side and blue and stone for BLU side.
  • RED are usually rustic, BLU are usually industrial. This will be switched around for the sake of RED siding with Eggman Empire and BLU siding with Sonic. BLU spawn will be located in a cliffside underneith a waterfall while RED spawn will be located in Eggmans factory with a water drainage pipe.
  • Springs, so that if you fall down from the cap point, you can propell yourself back up. Some may also be located near spawn areas to help players reach those areas without need of ramps.
  • Mines underneith the hills that help fallen players return to spawn areas. (and some eye-candy places.)
  • Spikes that cause damage when you constantly stand on them.
  • Instead of usual TF2 pickups, instead it will be destructible Item Boxes of four power-ups in mind. The two most likely are the Health or Ammo monitors which will restore 100% of respected resource, or a rare monitor will spawn, either Speed Up which provides temporary agility or Invincibility which grants temporary ÜberCharge. Über and Agility are MannPower powerups so such effects should be possible.

I've already made half of the map but still not finished yet.