Sonic Underground 2?Edit

Ages back I once had a dream on Sonic Underground with characters both old and new from the games being introduced to make a sequal series so Sonic Underground. I put all of my ideas here but no even knows I am on Sonic Fanon Wiki despite saying so on top of my userpage.

Anyway here is one of my idea for a sequal series to Sonic Underground, which never concluded it's story.

We never got to see the Council of Four prophacy come to pass. While Sonic Underground wasn't the best Sonic cartoon (better than Sonic X) the series itself never finished and have always been curious to know if Queen Aleena will ever reunite with her children.

I once had a dream that rekindled my interest in the series and that is of Queen Aleena with Silver the Hedgehog as her guardian as they oversee the progress of her children and to protect her from threats. Perhaps a decendant of her family from the future who returns to the past to protect her until the prophacy comes to pass. I do not know if he also possess a medallion, but if I head the sequal to Sonic Underground I would grant him one. However, unlike some fan-sequal ideas I read, I will not grant these magical amulets to most but only a very few hedgehog restricted few.

An idea for the continuing series can be the triplets finding ancient songs which have various magical effects when played with their modern instruments. Also, a mission to apprehend one of Dr. Robotnik's robotisizers is a sucsess for Cyrus to reverse engineer for his derobotisizing project. He creates a machine that uses Sonic Underground music to gradually free a robian's mind permanently.

There can also be the allies selected by Queen Aleena to help her children, Knuckles being the first at Friend or Foe. Tails' father could of been a warrior and was asked by Queen Aleena to help her children, but was killed/robotisized leaving Tails scared and alone, but with Sonic's courage, takes up his fathers responsabilities.

Amy Rose can be introduced as the bands #1 fan, showing up at there concerts, adoring there music, downloading there songs and collecting merch. She base her style on Sonia whom she looks up too and adores Sonic the Hedgehog, wishing to be his princess. Sonic has no interest in clingy fan girls while ironically, Manic likes her and tries, and usually fails to impress her. Amy doesn't have a medallion as she isn't of the royal family. She can wear clothing different from her canon counterpart, prefering the pop fashion and look more like her classic self than modern self (especially since Sonic Underground was during the Classic era of Sonic's games).

Maybe Shadow the Hedgehog could also be in it. I can imagine him starting out bad and then goes on an adventure of self discovery only to find a medallion of his own., despite not being related to royalty.

Ideas for amulets
Instrument Notes
Queen Aleena Cello I can imagine the bow to have a purple laser instead of string and Aleena can use it as a light-bladed weapon.
Silver Drums Perhaps Manic's, inherited from the future, thus a paradox double.
Shadow Guitar A different modified version of Sonic that is summoned with either a yellow light or red darkness effect.

Further ideas I can imagine, Amy Rose looking a lot like her StC counterpart with her major crush on Sonic. Ironically I can imagine Manic willing for Amy's attention who she has no interest in which could lead to some humour or, if Manic gets jealous, interesting stories. Tails and Cyrus can share common interest and whenever Sonic has solo missions, Tails can accompany him. As the Chaos Emeralds can be more involved, could work on the relationship of Knuckles and Sonia, but would like to give Dingonia a chance in my story somehow, perhaps a story that shows Sleet and Dingo in a new perspective.

These are just ideas. Sometimes I feel like I should take up Flash and make my own Sonic cartoon, but I know easier said than done. Plus I got my own ideas for an original Sonic cartoon called Sonic Adventures but with Sonic Boom coming up, I don't really feel like new cartoon ideas if a new cartoon is already on the way.

Mystic Monkey (fan character)Edit

As much as I love to boast on being a Mr. Know-It-All when it comes to Sonic, I know very little of the American Comics. This is why I hardly help with any of the related articles because "SEGASonic" is my forte.

In yet still of late I've been coming up with ideas for my little head-stories of my character Mystic Monkey. Mystic is a Sonic fan character who lives in the universe of the games, however of late I considered ideas based on Mobius despite my little knowledge on it.

This idea for the Archieversion of Mystic Monkey is that despite regarded as local to Mobius Prime he originally came from another alternate reality. There are ideas of Mystic Monkey based on the comics, both on the British Sonic the Comic and the American Sonic the Hedgehog comics.

While this version lives in Mobius Prime just like the majority of the characters, he is actually an immigrant from another zone. While Sonic the Hedgehog has been a life long hero to him and the reason why he was a Freedom Fighter to begin with, the Sonic he knew didn't see much of him not knowing that he wanted his recognition as a Freedom Fighter and eventually Mystic found dissapointment in him. He found his way from his Mobius through the Ring of Eternity and ended up on a new Mobius. The Sonic he met restored his faith and prefered to stay as a Freedom Fighter of this world than return home.

This can be comparable of how Fiona Fox is a Mobius Prime character but now resides with Scourge on Moebius despite not being her native reality.

A possible backstory, his mother was killed by troopers during a raid (or even by the Special Badnik Service) which drives Mystic to be a Freedom Fighter. However, unable to proove his help during the RBR era, relocated to Mobius Prime where he found his "mother" there. Mystic eventually realizes she is not really his mother as his prime counterpart was long ago lost and unknown. But the two are happy together as family, not wanting to hurt her with the truth.

His text is written in British English which is often regarded as a faint accent unlike Antoines thick french accent. But like Antoine they are both sword wielders and antoine perhaps be his tutor. Also friendship with Mina Mongoose (with hints of a one-sided romance to her).

These are just rough ideas. Thing is, you Archie, or at least American Sonic fans know more on the comics lore than I do. Plus, I heard of late that they're been getting worse off. All in all I hardly read them and don't think I would have much use to this "Comic Mystic".

I just want general opinions on both my ideas.