I had some help with my Wii U being set up, in which I am told I'll need a Nintendo account to make use of most of it's features. It's one of those "You need an account with us if you want this service" dupe that most online services provide in order to rally more people.

One thing about the Wii U which I don't like, the Wii U is rather needy for the internet when before the Wii was not. Sure I got the rare Zelda addition Wi U and Sonic Lost World Deadly Six Edition, but really it is just a regular Wii U and Sonic Lost World because I have to get the thing online and a Nintendo account to have all the nice features I already paid for. Obviously pushing putting junk mail in the game cases to get us to sign up since the 90s was clearly not working.

I don't want a Nintendo account, nothing to do with the fact I favored Sega growing up, but the fact I don't think I'll be using it as much. After all the Wii itself provided many services without one such as playing with others or purchasing games. It itself had all the functions of an internet service.

So why should I need a Nintendo account at all if Wii U is "better"? I got a Wii U, shouldn't that provide me with the services I need without resorting to dupe it's players to join a community?

I've been a Sonic fan since the 90's and I have yet to join Sega's community site, mostly because they never push it on me through advertisements or consoles. I think Dreamcast itself asked you to sign up for an account on some of it's own online features while, like most online consoles, online play consisted of finding your friends who are playing at the time. The consoles themselves were pretty much servers so it held it's own database for yourself than needing an online account for it.

Well if the Wii U grants me the same service with a Sega account than a Nintendo one then it'll be more easier choice for me. But either way it's under the belt for Nintendo to make there sequel console restrict the features the Wii itself had until they conform to there community.