(Not to be confused with the movie) Zone of the Dead is this idea that came to me recently which is a cross-over of Sonic and The House of the Dead series. G from HotD teams up with Sonic the Werehog in order to fight zombies (Or at least "Zombots" which are Eggpawns or Eggbots who are destroyed but won't stay disactive). I guess I can imagine it more of a comic story or at least a short animated special than a game. It be interesting to see Sonic in a "serious" zombie apocalypse* story especially for October which is regarded for Halloween. The idea of being a Werehog would give Sonic more difficulty than simply avoiding and running away which makes him just as susceptible to zombie hoard as anyone else in such situations. However given his werehog strength he will still be able to hold his own in such situations.

Be cool if Zobio & Zobiko were involved in Zone of the Dead as well. I can imagine a scene of G about to kill them but Sonic knowing they're kind zombies prevent G from harming them.

*Not including the Sonic Zombie Series by Balena Productions.


(On my end I can't really use these fancy symbols anymore. I had help on getting FireFox or my computer to recognise them but to no avail. This year I won't be making much use of them since they only show up as squares of code now.)

This October not only will I set the MonoBook skin like I usually do but also I've been working on a background for the oasis skin. While we traditionally use canon material, I taken some liberties and did the art myself for the special occasion. It is a bit too dark and blank that traditional Halloween stuff and in honesty was going for a general horror theme. Hopefully there will be an orange theme to back up the black background in order to give more Halloween vibes.

Also for October I am planning to review some Sonic themed CreepyPasta! Such stories in mind are Sonic.exe and Tails Doll however I'll need more creepypastas to review throughout October so not only will I invite all to point out some for me to check up but also organise how to review throughout October (Maybe a review per Friday so I'll need 5 Sonic Creepypasta's to review.)

StC fan story

What else I am doing? Well nothing to do with Halloween but still Sonic fan related, in my own time I've been working on a Sonic's World fan comic! That is a Sonic the Comic fan story that is laid out as one of the comics traditional stories. It will be a seven page, complete story and tells the adventure of a different version of Mystic Monkey native to Mobius. I could post the pages one by one like most online comics do, but I wanna take my time on this and have it a complete story to present once it is done.

I don't think I can make it appear as gritty as I want too like Richard Elson is capable of, I already have to give a Trooper a Fo3 laser rifle because I can't draw guns that well. (Other characters might be in it. Would have to give Amy a Crusader's Crossbow "if" she is.)

So yeah. Halloween stuff, creepypasta reviews and something StC related I've been working on. Hope you'll all have a happy haunted October.