4 Weeks are left until 9.26.2014, when I turn up to 17. I feel happy that I'll have a day off and I'm kicking off a drawing event. Feel free to show off your drawing, go ahead if you want, and yes, gifts, any kind of drawings, go ahead and bring them in. Also, please read the rules about your drawing

  • No Fan characters
  • No Shippings/Fan Couples (ex. SonAmy)
  • It can be related to Sonic, or somethings I like, and that includes me. (I.E. Mirror's Edge, Sonic, Secret Freedom Fighters, Mega Man, let me know if there's something not listed)
  • Must be Appropriate
  • Submissions should be on the Comments.
  • Must be submitted by 9.25.2014 at 11:59:59 PM EDT (UTC -4)*.

(*) Late submissions are accepted

Also, I do allow Avatars, so make some for me if you want.. :P

There's no rewards (sorry) but I do want to make it a win-win for all of you guys. Got questions, let me know on my twitter @NOS_Sterling77 or on my talk page.

Other than that, have fun! NOS Sterling - It's what I do that matters