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EDIT: As of Nov. 9, 2014, DISH and Turner has still not made a deal regarding to the dispute. For now, you'll have to end up finding the episodes until the Dispute is over. The first few episodes are available to everyone without a sign in which is good but I highly recommend to check with others it unless you are subscribing to their Satellite Internet Service. However, there is a possible chance it'll end up with Subscribed users. Also, if you are a DISH customer, you cannot access to CN's shows on demand until the Dispute is over. Again, we recommend you keep up to date for any info from DISH on the dispute and until the Dispute is over (which will take months), be patient and try to find any episode. Plus, Digital Retailers such as Google Play will sell them soon and possibly iTunes but we'll have to wait for any collections to be available in the near future.

Just only 2 and a half weeks into Sonic Boom's first airing date on November 8th, a major Satellite company may not be able to see it. Turner Broadcasting Systems, which owns major networks like Cartoon Network (where Sonic Boom will be aired in the U.S.), CNN and others, are removed from Dish Network's channel lineup after both Turner and DISH failed to agree on another deal that could help extend its contract with was expired just days ago. TBS and TNT, however, are able to stay as they were on a different deal that didn't include Cartoon Network and others. Unfortunately, this means, that if the deal isn't reached, Nearly up to 14 Million Dish Customers may not be able to see it and this could eventually damage some of its viewing ratings as well on Day One. Many of you may or may not heard about this but I'll explain what happens to this.

What is a Carriage dispute?

In Cable and Satellite Companies, Carriage Disputes happen when both the TV Network and Cable Companies failed to reach a deal over how much they have to pay for fees in order to be shown in a Cable or Satellite Companies. They call this a "Retransmission Fee" and in order to keep that TV Network running, it must use Advertising and also play those companies a fee for in order for them to keep running. As we are getting more ways to watch, it causes this issue to become worse, as many companies demand more over what the customers pay for them as well.

This isn't the first time DISH had such issue like this. Two years ago, DISH Lost AMC for nearly months after they were not able to make a deal, forcing their customers to either switch or just use Netflix, or other services to gain access to those shows form AMC (Like Braking Bad). And its not just DISH as well. Other Companies like Time Warner, DirecTV, and even many Cable companies can still face disputes and since Cartoon Network is a Cable/Satellite TV Network, its gets even harder to watch them.

What you'll have to do as a DISH Customer

If you are a DISH Customer, you should be aware that DISH is working hard to make this deal to be fair. Its hard to resist the temptation to wait but again, if you are a DISH Customer, you should NOT Switch. Again, many cable companies can still face disputes (and by the way, the TV Network companies, like Turner Broadcasting, has a feeling of showing their "Propaganda" against the Satellite company and show in favor of switching). In the end, this can increase the rates, and worse, makes prices go up for others. If an event where Sonic Boom is aired and the Deal is not reached, you should check on iTunes, Google Play and others. Unfortunately, there is a possible chance you may have to pay for an episode but you'll be able to have a chance to see them without having to wait until the dispute is over. Netflix may be able to stream it after its aired but check it with very carefully along with other services you may use. A friendly reminder, stay updated until there is an announcement from Turner and DISH as this will take days, weeks, or even Months as DISH will do everything they can to fix this mess and reach a deal that is fair for everyone.