Today, August 10, 2014 (or August 11, 2014 depending on where you were) would have marked the day I've joined Sonic News Network. I know I have to post this earlier BEFORE my wikiversary due to the fact I have a wedding to attend but not to worry, I'll celebrate these days. It's been a long time yet time had fly by fast, but its still a good time to look back at the things I've been thru for the past year.


Beginning days

My first edit was taken at this day about a year ago in 2013 at 10:43 PM EDT (2:43 AM UTC the next day on 8.11.14) on this page. Although I was very silent, I only fixed some things and was not socially active. I know at that time, it was that I only don't do socialization stuff there. Though it was not a good username, "The NJerseyan" was all I can think of unfortunately. Eventually, I've decided to shortened the "New Jersey" part as its abbreviated part and making it as a shorthand for a "New Jerseyan" which is a person who lives in the State of New Jersey, like me. I want to make my username "NOS Sterling" by now but soon...

Going into the news

Quotation1 I was just now told of your latest blog, and I've gotta say, it's pretty well-written and informative. Quotation2

While I had some experience in being in Journalism and I was a big news seeker (Fun fact: I watch News 12 and WABC-DT's Eyewitness News nearly every day when there's nothing to watch), I starting getting into news right after the noticing that Sonic Dash could be on Android Devices. Eventually, I had an Android Device and had my hype up for this since I was desperately waiting for that game. Other than Dash, I was also a very good person at covering the mobile release Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and later on, Sonic Boom including a upcoming Sonic Movie. Eventually, I had been very good at knowing what's next beyond with it yet event SU gave me a Sol award for my news coverage of February. In addition to the news that Sega focus, I've also checked on console companies and see what they're up to with Sonic as well (for instance, I've announced the release of Sonic Unleashed on PSN which Sega never even told about it and Sonic CD on PS Now as well)

Stepping away from the Shadows

While not socializing, I would sometimes pop in and out of a chat and wonder "What is this?". Sometimes, you might wonder who are they but sometimes, you don't know who they are until you see them face to face or something similar to that. That's when that socializing part happened. I don't go to Chats until January of 2014 and by New Year's Eve of 2013 with some new friends. At the chat, I was very friendly, welcoming others to the chat, you name it which lead me to my win of the "Social User of the Month" as part of their Emerald Awards back in February of 2014.

The Organizer

After Silverplays97 came in about the clutter that was in the Video's category, I've did help which later went up into a major milestone... With tons of effort, I've made it up to around 1K Edits which I've continue to go up ever since. I've started to also get into helping out on the wiki, with organizing photos along with the Vids though I focus on that plus obtabing new info on the new games.

The tough times...

By April, a downturn began. I've lost a cousin who was born and died at the same day, I had issues with School normally towards controlling my behavior (which is something I will have to face but change at that moment), and my life began to go chaotic.... I despite feel worried that sometimes the issues that I've have and maybe wikia could affected my life. Some people do had these experiences but my dad and my parents are never happy with it. I kind of felt depressed that for the fact that By the end of the School Year, I've spent months deciding and thinking what to change with the issues in my real life and instead of going to the wrong way, go the other way and start fresh and open up a new beginning for my final year in High School. Other than that, some of which cause some of my behaviors in the chat to go a bit haywire though I've gained some help from others to return from back to where I was at that moment where I've decided to know what others have in common.

There's one more thing to talk about

Before I end this, there's some things to say. I'll like to thank SilverPlays97 and Blazing Flare, both who are not here, for some of the good things that they've worked and helped here. Although they may left SNN for good, I've hope to do better things as before. Towards my advice, don't just see what's happening now, go beyond what's next. Its always a good idea to make something happen now. And to finish it off, some thing I want to give to you.

  • A Song that reminds me of how life is, even when it counts by the day, month, or even a year.
  • If I were to show some Sonic Music, that's be hard to Pick since they're good!!! :P
  • And something to finish it up

Quotation1 Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new. Quotation2
Sammy Hangar

Even though my birthday's coming in a month, there's still time to do something new...

  • And my first Avatar was this (pic shown below)
Super Sonic Lost World

And last but not least, After the first wikiversary, as of now, my favorite Sonic game was really the Re-Relase of Sonic 1 and 2 on Android. Petty much my favorites

As we come to the end my 1st year here... Lets see what the 2nd year has in store for us...