Hedgehog Day is coming (and of course, Groundhog Day and also Super Bowl Sunday), which this year will mark the 20th Anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog 3 in North America, And if you are one of those people who want to celebrate the release of that game, I have a list of many events that will occur on February 2, 2014. Although my Friends at SNN are celebrating, other people will doing the celebrations, too, with livestreams, and many more. As I mentonded, this list contains some events that are schedueled as of now at 5:54 PM EST (10:54 PM UTC; Jan. 28, 2014)...


NOTICE: Some of these events may be added if announced. In addition those events may be canceled and If canceled, it will be removed. Please note that some may also be delayed

NOTE: Any event that has been cross out indicates that the event has ended.

Sonic 3 Livestream

At 9 AM EST (2 PM UTC/GMT), A fellow Sonic Paradox User SSF1991 will attempt to beat the game and also collect all of the Chaos Emeralds as well. He will however play this on the Genesis/Mega Drive which will mean expect to have level selects and/or debug mode in it as well. This will be broadcasted on Sonic Paradox's Livestream website. Event has ended

Sonic Paradox's SonicNews Show Special Podcast

At 3 PM EST (8 PM UTC/GMT) Sonic Paradox will also do another livestream as well but it's gonna be a Hedgehog Day Marathon as well for a very long 7-8 Hours... (yea for those in Europe, you gonna have to stay awake for this one), and this time, they'll bring in any news from Sega about any games they plan to release if possible. Like the Sonic 3 livestream, it'll also be done again on SP's livestream.

Sonic 3 (& Knuckles) Let's Plays

Our friends at SNN are currently discussing about for the Sonic 3 Let's Plays (LPs). I don't know if some of you who are reading this can be able to do it but if you can or if you're interested in this, I recommended you want to talk about it by clicking here. All of the LP footage will go to SNN's Main Youtube Channel. If you have any LPs you want to send to, please talk with SonicTheHedgehogDude in his talk page or if he's available in the Chat Room. NOTE: This will be updated if any LPs will be announced from the SNN Team.

Commemorative Blog Post of Hedgehog Day

I'll plan to post this at around 8-10 AM EST (1-3 PM UTC/GMT) or later if I need to do final editing. This will explain about Hedgehog Day and many others after Sonic 3's release in North America. It's not gonna be a big post but kind of a short post with a few paragraphs.

SNN Level Tournament

We are still not done with this. Since January, SNN is still hosting our Level Tournament. This one will be Sonic CD and Sonic 3D Blast (or if you're not from North America, Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island)! If you don't know it, this will determine which game gets the best levels. Round 3 will start on January 28, 2014 and voting ends on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014 at 5:30 PM EST (10:30 PM UTC) so Don't miss it! (And if you want to vote for this, Click Here)

LIVE News Blog Updates

As a weekend reporter for SNN (filling in for Shadowunleashed13 who is not here during the weekend), I'll be there breaking any news of possibly Sonic games that will be released this year as it happens. Since it's the 20th Anniversary of STH3, we could end up with a big surprise... We could even ask us "Could Sonic See his shadow?" (like Groundhogs do) Well... You'll have to find out! Live Coverage starts at 12 PM EST (5 PM UTC/GMT) and will continue until 10 PM EST (3 AM UTC/GMT). Click here to see what's on right now.

RadioSEGA FSRandomHour Special

Love listening to the Music? We'll we don't know what it's gonna be but RadioSEGA has just tweeted that they will be having a ForeverSonicRandomHour at 4 PM EST (9 PM UTC). Listen to them live, and enjoy the music that you had from playing Sonic 3.


As a reminder: Please note that some events may (not) be planned as scheduled. Currently that's all I know but If you find any events that you find is perfect for it, leave me in my talk page or when you see me at the Chat Room. Plus, the News Blog Update does not allow me to really treat it like Twitter or similar, so the bad news, you must refresh it at like 30 minutes if possible (and By the way, a notice bar will be place above the news updates). And as of always... Have a very happy Hedgehog Day, From New Jersey's Finest, The_NJerseyan!