Unfortunately, my phone needs to get repaired. In a few days, I will be sending my HTC One M7 off to repairs at their Texas Repair Facility. This would take like around a week or two but during those times, I will have to do a downgrade to an old phone, the Galaxy Nexus. It's cracked already but I'm gonna use it as a temporary phone until my Phone is sent back. So why I'm doing this? Here's why


Taken from the HTC One M7 while driving to Baltimore...

One issue is the haze on night shots. The Phone is horrible at it and when there's no light, this happens. Unfortunately, there's no choice but to get it repaired as a last resort. Also, my battery is also have to be repaired due to that, since once it goes to 14% it suddenly goes down to 8% and dies instantly.

I will try to get some apps synced thru the Blue Stacks App Player and other things before all of my data becomes gone and that way, I don't have to lose my progress. I'm trying to wait for Halfbrick to get a response to back up my data as well and I'll try to use some software to keep my data safe. In addition, I'll use my galaxy Nexus but not for most things. Blue Stacks will keep the apps synced but it won't run as fast as my phone. But other than that, I will plan to do a major backup before I send it off as all of my data will be gone but until then, lets hope my Phone gets better...

UPDATE: For thoes wondering about the other things like on Sonic Jump Fever, I WILL HAVE TO DELAY MY NEWS on mobile games and other things on it until possibly when my phone gets repaired. In addition, I'll ask others to do the screenshots if possible.