Remember that PlayStation Now Blog post on the other day and also about Sony's idea about Emulating older PS1 and PS2 games? We'll, that's really gonna get further. In a Eurogamer Report, it has revelaed that PS1 and PS2 emulation is now in development, and it's on full throtle... (Prepare your PS1, PS2, and many of your glitchy PS2 Sonic Games). But, those games may have it's grapics improved to HD resolutions (which sounds pretty looks more better) mostly, at 720p and at many cases at 1080p. So expect to have an HD vesrion of Sonic Heroes, Sonic Riders, and many Sonic Games when it's on the PS4. However, there's something you must know. For know it can bypass the cloud and be revendered locally but it's unknown if PS1 and PS2 discs can acctually work... But, we'll keep you posted when it comes.