Although you can't play any PS3 games on the PS4 anymore (despite having them sold on Blu-Rays), you could expect some Sonic Games and many other PS3 games to come by Sony's new service, PlayStation Now, which will be released by the summer of 2014 in the US. We do not know what games will come (including PS1, PS2, and possibly Downloadable games on the PS3 via PSN like Sonic 4 and others), but it will include Classic and Popular Hits, and a few others including some games from SCE's 1st Party Game developer, Naughty Dog. It has since been announced on January 6, 2014, in the Consummer Electronic Show (CES) durring a Sony Keynote address. This service will be on Closed Beta starting by the end of January and but durring the Summer of this year, it will be available to the general public and this service will not only allow you to stream classics on you PS4 and your PS Vita but also TVs, Tablets, and even Smartphones.[1][2]

However, this will be a subscribtion service, so you may have to pay if you want to explore a range of titles and that subscribtion it'll also support online multiplayer & Trophies, although you can op-out and instead be able to rent a game that you might be intrested in. No word of you can also buy them. So for those who are planning to get or just got a PS4 (Which is really selling a lot at 4.2 million), which Sonic Game do you think it should come to PS Now? Plus, would you ever pay for this service or instead rent the games available on PS Now?

UPDATE (Jan. 8 4:34 PM EST; 9:34 PM): Bad news if you are planning to get a PS4 and possibly use PS Now. If you own an Disc game of any kind (other than downloaded games such as Sonic 4, all other  Dreamcast, Genesis/Mega Drive classics, and other downlodable games) on the PS3, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET A FREE DIGITAL COPY FOR THAT GAME (for now possibly), according to a recent article from Only SP. Plus there's some questions may PlayStation gamers are very important to understand, and there's acctualy an interview with John Koller who is SCEA's Marking VP from Computer & Video Games... If you want to look it up, click here...