If Sonic Boom is on your mind, expect this. TSSZ reported that according from a Sonic Retro user, Endri, prototypes for the next Sonic Game is still there. Because of the question on what happened to it, he replies to this:

In fact, it surprisingly isn’t. Now that you mentioned this, I must say that they already have working prototypes. I’ve seen it: it is not [Lost World] 2 and neither it follows the Generations formula. MSFT devs are quite often in contact with them in order to aid them in the process of porting/implementing subsystems with Xbox One-exclusive implementations—subsystems which are platform dependant [sic]—and this is mainly because the Durango’s Japanese documentation sucks.
But I’m afraid this is as much as I’m allowed to mention at this given time

He stated that there is going to be another Sonic game possibly towards Next Generation consoles other than the Wii U (like the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One) though at the statement above, he replied that Microsoft Developers (he uses the NASDAQ Stock Symbol for this) are with the SEGA Developers to help them with the new AMD x86 hardware used on their Xbox One. Although the Genertaions formula may not be used, TSSZ claims that the formula could not be the Lost World formula as well. So at this moment, they are making another Sonic Game to the Xbox One, but for the other conosles such as the PS4 and Wii U (although a Sonic game is going to be released on the Wii U), no word on that yet. Despite that, you might wonder if it'll be an Xbox One Exclusive but I guess it won't but I probably predict this could also be on the PS4 and maybe on PCs (I can't tell about the PC part but we'll see) but expect one to come up in the near future as he claims that making new games on the PS4/XB1 would "probably takes longer than usual." due to the new hardware used despite being very similar. We don't know what will come up soon (but expect it to come in 2015, though I don't know if that Jazwares claim about another Sonic game coming in 2015 from the Nuremberg Toy Fair may end up to be true) but keep it locked to SNN for the latest.


TSSZ: “Working Prototypes” of Next Sonic Allegedly in Existence

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