NOTE: This is a RUMOR. There is no conformation from SEGA about this. Plus, this MAY contain some spoilers on Sonic Boom just to warn you.

While Sonic Boom is just close to hitting the stores, another Sonic Game maybe on the works for next year. A Discussion on the Sonic Stadium forums which may indicate a possible future game to come up soon. A SSMB Member "Anonymous" posted some possible info on the upcoming game, which might include

  • Inclusions of various Non-Playable Characters from Sonic Boom.
  • Other claims about the dialog
  • IT could have a more "altitude" Sonic from SA 1 & 2.

The Possible working title is "Sonic Runners" but theres no other details about it other then when it Could be announced (presumbly by January 2015). There was about other posts about Shadow and Metal Sonic before it was ever announce (but it could be very accurate). Anyway, we don't know what to see if this could be real but keep it locked to SNN for the latest.


11.11.14; 11:12 AM: Looks like the Rumor is getting even more true. Now that SEGA just regestered the domains for Sonic Runners.


WARNING: The following original sources has cursing but we ask to look at your own risk.

Sonic Stadium

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