After a short one day delay on the game which was supposed to be released on January 2, 2014, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed now drives it way into Google Play just today at around 2 PM EST, 7 PM UTC.[1]

It's the same price as the iOS version, which it's around US$4.99 or in a foregin equlivent, and just like the iOS version, you could expect the same features, however it's a bit different. Currently, the size of the game may vary on the Android device you use (it could vary from around 800 MB to possibly 1.03 GB) and you must have Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" or newer installed. Plus there's is no possibly Google Play Games support, yet, which the game MUST NEED, although we don't know if that will be available in the future.

There is a few issues regarding to the game. Many gamers are unable to play it on many devices like the Moto G, HTC One (which is my phone I used to test it out), along with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4. However, I know a comment on facebook in which someone claimed that the game workes on a Samsung Tablet (It's a GT2 7.0)[2]. Plus, the people who just recently got the game, I have noticed on the page that many wanted the game to be fixed and all the other stuff, which might explain why many people (not the critics) are giving the game a 2.3 out of 5. Also, many are having issues with having the Android gaming controllers incompatible.

In adddition, according to the review pages on Google Play, many people are notcing the game crashing, having to be booted to a black screen, bad colors, problems with the tilt controls and all that other stuff. So, I'm really guessing that game just stated the version to a bad start but it should end up having those problems fixed soon.

Until then, I don't know if those issues are going to go away and more devices will soon be compatible but for those who are planing to get the game on Android, I recommended you wait for a bit until they have announced that much of those issues are fixed. Plus, If the game is incompatible, please put it on your wish list and check a little often if it'll soon work on your Android device. I could tell it would feel like a beta version of the game but for now, I suggest to wait it out as SEGA tries to fix those related issues.

The Game is now available on Google Play and if you want to check it out, click here.

UPDATE (Jan 2, 7:58 PM EST, Jan 3 12:59 AM UTC): A recent Android Police article has just been published explaining what the Android version of the game is like. They said that the game "needs a little more time in the oven" which might suggest to bring some more content and have the bugs and problems fixed. Unfortunately, Multiplayer is unavailable for now, but expect that to change by later this month or soon, when in the possible future, Google Play Games Services will be added. You might want to read what they said, it's kind of disappointing but they suggest to wait for the issues to be fixed and have some things to be taken care of.

Also, a few commented on this Photo on Facebook and many were urging them to bring more devices supported. SEGA replied to them and thanking them for their feed back but they said to do their best to fixed them soon. Plus another person commented if there the MOGA controller is supported and they just said Yes, it'll work.

Plus... Good news for me, Now It's compatible for my HTC One... I just checked the Google Play Store, however, as I mentioned before, I recommended not buy it yet until the problem is solved, and please, wait for it to make it been perfectly done for the game to be playable.