S'up. So 2014 is done, New Year's Resolutions comes in, and yes.. A lot of things must come and go, even to some things that most of us want to change. As 2015 begins to kick in, we start fresh and with a new self. So towards that, here's some New Year's Advice that you might wanna make it helpful with. Day's go fast but some things don't...

Be more than just a Fellow User

It's more common to myself and others... Work on becoming than a regular person who edits on wikis like this. Start helping to others, make good deeds, and most important be a friendly person. There are many times where you can just be more than working on edits. A good deed, even with spending a short time with it, can help make a difference in it as well.

Start New Things

Kick up new ideas. Start a good innovative way to change things. I have made some things to kick up better ways to work like using social media to keep track on some things and most importantly, others... I also had many ideas at other wikis that I wanna change (well, not all things like rules and stuff). Bring up ideas that can help the wiki in a good way, some of which, is nice.

If you're with a problem you can't fix, seek self-examination

I had issues with many things in life and here that I need to work on and there are things that you can't feel that won't be good to go thru. As towards what happenes, try to think of this. What is going wrong with you... What is happening. Think of the issues you are facing in the past. See what you can do with them that can benefit towards others...

Thoughtful note

I also want to say to all, it's been long but crazy but I hope your 2015 is good. There is a lot of changes and stuff planned at the table for next year but there's a lot to see. So for 2015. I hope you have a very great year with the great things to come ahead.