UPDATE:  For the sake of time, I'll instead post scores instead becasuse getting the summaries will take up time.

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric as well as Sonic Boom: Shattered Chrystal is out in the Americas and we have a round up of all of the reviews and scores that just came in.

For those who are wondering about the lack of reviews on launch day, I do want to tell you that SEGA has refused to send in any copies for most websites, which means that they'll be forced to go to the retailers and get the retail or digital copies instead. This will take time and I do want to apologize about that but expect the reviews to come by around later this week or so (this page will get updated once the reviews are in). Also, to avoid any confusion, all reviews are separated as the games are separate so you'll see the Rise of Lyric section first then Shattered Crystal at the end. If you find any reviews that are from OFFICAL Video Game Journalists websites, please leave a tip in the comments and I'll update it as soon as possible.

Other than that, let's see what the critics have to say.

Rise of Lyric


Metacritic got the first two reviews from Hardcore Gamer and Slant Magazine (descriptions from the review is shown below.

  • Hardcore Gamer gave it a 2.5/5 (which in Metacritic, it is a 50/100), even though they praised the visuals, useful controls, and collectables in the game, it does not in their opinions have a very good difficulty to it along with the "variation, and personality ruins any chance it had of making Sonic relevant again." They also thought it was rushed to finish the exclusivity along with a story that is considered too short for a gamer to play.
  • Slant Magazine however gave it two out of five stars, claming the game is "uncooked" and the story is "half-baked". The Soundtrack is above-average though the game is full of glitches, unpolished, and full of a problem is an "awkwardly incorporate" Enerbeam, and among others (most of which are not good to their opinions) along with the Lack of re-play value.
  • Gameinformer is reviewed and will be part of it. However, there is a short description about their review after the Kotaku Section. Their score is a 40/100
  • Gamespot made their review listed as well (score is 20; review overview is after IGN) while IGN is also listed (at 43; review is shown below).

At of all of the reviews, the game's critical score is a 39 (which is a negitive reception) out of a 100 based on 5 critical reviews.Currently, the user ratings are at 5.1


IGN reviewer, Mikel Reparaz, gave the game a 4.3 out of 10. Though the ideas and "imaginary mutliplayer" does help make the game a good one to play, it doesn't however make it a seamly good score with the glitches and choppy framerate and graphics, along with the clichés found in the script (which Mikel thinks its awful), long loading times, and among others... This also incudes the poor camera angle system, occasional crashes, "noticable hangs" and the tendious combat used.


Reviewer, Don Saas reviewed the game and unfortently, not even a good one. Raking it a 2 out of 10, the game does offer impressive sense of scale and having good acting from Kunckles, the game still continues to have sluggish controls, a poor story that won't fit to it, "repetive level design", and also many glitchs and others. It also contained as most reviewers though of, sluggish mechanics, clichés on platmorning adventures (though it does have a good enviornment to it) and horriable frame rates which tend to go haywire.


After some delays, I think this is the highest rating I saw as of now. They gave a game a 5/10 which is a "meh". While they claim its not decent due to the design changes of Knuckles, and the unfunny dialog, they do enjoy the gameplay, (despite with some frame rate caps at 30 fps, and some occassional studdering and choppiness), the fun puzzles, and some others. They also like the co-ops in the game as well.


Gameinformer reviewer, Tim Turi, gave the game a 4 out of 10, which might explain why the don't like the issues on framerate drops, unpolished graphics, shoddy level designs and combat, and even though the co-op can be fun to them, some of the character's attitudes can be annoying and when its not a mess in the graphics, the "moment-to-moment action and exploration bounces between tedious and boring." In addition, the game had also lagged in replay value.

The Indenpendent

This is actually the first review I just got and the first from a non-gaming site (actually, this is a British Newspaper). The Independent gave it a 2 our of 5 stars, calming that Rise of Lyric is "Rushed", the character's abilities "often it's a case of rotating through the group in sequence, leaving little to player initiative" while Sonic sounds a bit "needy" and Eggman is not as "ovoid" than its previous games. The reviewer, Sam Gill, do like the soundtrack and the odd yet neat gameplay idea that comes in a later part of the game, the fighting mechanism is enjoyable. However the game in his view, isn't playing any of Sonic's strengths.


Gamebit slamed the game with a very horrible rating, giving the game 1.5 out of 5 stars. Gamebit reviewer, J. Leis, critized about the game mechanics, resolutuon being at 720p with that being upscaled to 1080p, numerous glitches, poor textures, and others, along with a "dated" graphics, framerate issues, graphics that are similar to gamecube games and among others. They do like the soundtrack but the sound effects are off track.

Other Scores

Rated in a 10/10 scale unless noted. (Average Score is rated out of a 10/10 Scale)

Average - 3/10 (Excluding DualShockers and newer reviews; Will be Recalculated later)

(*) The User reviews will not count in the average review. Also, Metacritics reviews will not count as part of it.

Shattered Crystal


Metacritic averaged out at least 4 other websites..

  • Slant Magazine got the same rating for Shattered Crystal as with Rise of Lyric (2 out of five stars which is a 40), calming that the game's story can't be skipped, not-so-great artwork and the lack of integrity of all of the characters in a level. However, they do praise the new camera system that does allow users to make split-second decisions by using different button presses.
  • IGN also got rated in this (for the overview on this, please read the IGN review which is after this section on Metacritic). Their score is a 40.
  • Gamesradar gave the game a 3.5 out of 5 stars (which is a 50) calming that the platforming segments can be fun and they do like the variety types but the scrips, confusing level design and others are something they can't handle.
  • Meristation review is in Spanish so I'll have to make a rough translation on this. They gave the game a 4 out of 10 (40). Despite giving praise on Sticks's, the controls, and some of the races in the game, the still criticize the visuals, the level design, and calling the "puzzles" more ridiculous. Again, that's all I can go up to since I'm not good at Spanish though I know some but let me know if there's any error on that short summary.

The User reviews are positive at 7.5


Unfortunately, like the last time, IGN ended up their review with a negative reception at 4 out of 10, criticizing over the simple puzzles, unfunny dialogs, unskippable cutsceens, "slow, clumsy exploration" and among others. In addition, IGN claimed its more of a "boring game" and they had hated about the excessive uses of cutsceens at every level a player begins with and they think the gameplay is odd with some of the use of the character's abilities and among others.


While they gave the other game a "meh", they called it a bad one. With a score of 2.5/10, the Game Mechanics may be good but the pace is sluggish (with the unskippable cutscenes), the requirement to get collectables to unlock levels, and despite the good visuals on cutscenes and with a good lighting, the visual styling isn't impressive.

Other Scores

Rated in a 10/10 scale unless noted. (Average Score is rated out of a 10/10 Scale)

Average - TBA

(*) Metacritc will not count in the average review