NOTE: Coverage has ended.

Sonic Boom is now underway and we are getting more information on the Series and more. SonicNewsNow, TSSZ and I will be bringing in coverage and of course, I'll be posting a live blog on this for any updates and more. Sorry for being late due to something but again, I'll continue it. TSSZ and SonicParadox will do coverage so check it out here for more information coming in.


Times in EDT (UTC-4)

10 PM: That's it from the Sonic Boom event coverage. Thanks for those who checked in. This could mean no more updates for Sonic Boom as its about to get closer to its release (though we'll have to wait for release dates on the TV Series later...) That's all from SNN, This is NOS Sterling and until then, see ya

9:34 PM: Sonic Stadium has just announced that the first 11 Toys (RC Toy, Chili Dog + Sonic Plus) will come up by the Spring of 2015. The 2nd line will come up by next fall in 2015.

9:21 PM: You can now buy the toys here (They are on Pre-Orders). Also, TOMY has annonuced that a Sonic Boom RC Car will be on sale as well.

9:13 PM: There has been a huge reveal of the toy line that TOMY has revealed on Toywiz which @thesonicfan1991 just showed to @SSF1991. (#1, #2, #3)

8:54 PM: Sone concepts for one of TOMY's Sonic Boom Toys are reveled from TSSZ's Twitter.

8:41 PM:  “Translate This” and “Can An Evil Genius Crash On your Couch for a Few Days?” has just been comfirmed as the upcoming tiltes for the TV Series. We don't know if its the Plot Episode but we'll have to wait for any comfirmation... Also, we got a preivew on this.

7:14 PM: Trailers from the game and TV Series are uploaded from Sonic's offical youtube channel and they are shown below. (But without the audicence yelling).

Sonic Boom TV Series Trailer (SB Event)01:16

Sonic Boom TV Series Trailer (SB Event)

TV Series

Sonic Boom SC RoL Trailer (SB Event)01:51

Sonic Boom SC RoL Trailer (SB Event)

7:06 PM: I found the trailer from Sonic Boom but its not at a good quality, this came from someone who was there. Also, @Sonic_Hedgehog just comfirmed the release date on US Airing date.

^ EDIT: The video was removed since the trailers shown above just got announced.

6:44 PM: More infomation on Shattered Crystal is announced including on the race stages.

6:36 PM: The Achient Chrystals are revealed and they are around 8 of them. I don't know what they are for now but again, we'll have to see a little bit closer on this.

6:35 PM: Another trailer could be shown, as seen from someone who is sykping with @SFF. The person who was talking with @SSF1991 calims that up to around 300-500 people could be in the event...

6:20 PM: This just in from SNN, Sonic Boom will be premiere on Cartoon Network on Saturday, 11.8.14. However, it will be aired by around the morning hours (6 AM-12 PM ET/5-11 AM CT). There is NO Word on when it'll be aired outisde of the US (France will get it by this Fall and next Fall for all of Europe though we don't know if that part is offical) but its around in the morning hours from what I've heard from others sources. The timeslot on when it'll be aired is unknown at the moment. Again, I really apologize for being late, I had to go somewhere but I'll still be there and work on it. Also, no info for the first airing dates in France. (Source: Twitter)