UPDATE: Great news and it's official! Sonic CD is on PlayStation Now just in time for the Open Beta Launch on the PS4!

Well... If you seen the video about the Open Beta Walkthough on PlayStation Now, you might have seen carefully that the Christian Whitehead version of Sonic CD (a PSN Game) could be available on PlayStation Now.

Sonic CD on PS Now

Months ago, SEGA was listed as of the 3rd Party Devs who will work on bringing games to PlayStation Now. According to the screenshot shown above, it will cost at around $4.99 for 90 Days (which is long but still you may complete that game in days though) and the rental won't start until you play it. The Open beta has been launched in North America (Continental U.S. and Canada) to the PlayStation 4. And as always, you will be able to get trophies and use mutliplayer (if available) but you won't be able to use DLC for any game on PS Now. We don't know if other Sonic games will be on PS Now just now, but as mentioned up to 100 games will be available at launch with more coming on the way. This will be updated if any more Sonic Games will come but as mentioned earlier, expect more to come. And as always, keep it locked to SNN for the latest.

NOTE: This service is on Beta in the U.S. and Canada so expect some issues while using this serivce. If there's like any feedback, issues, or anything regaring to the PlayStation Now Streaming serivce you want to add, feel free to tell PlayStation by contacting them or on their chat (a PSN ID is required)