If it the Easter Eggs were left behind on the Track when Easter is over, we'll, much of us would collect it all and ended up with this. Yes! Cream the Rabbit is Officially Unlocked on Sonic Dash thanks to your contributions on collecting the Easter Eggs. It just have happened since around 7-9 AM EDT though this is the second time a Global Challenge has ended earlier than usual (the last time that happened is Rouge back at February). I still don't know if there's any time for those who didn't make it but if you don't, you have until March 5 at Midnight PDT, 3 AM EDT, 8 AM UTC to collect them before you have to pay with Red Star Rings or thru other ways. Anyway, here's some Screenshots taken from SNN User WaterW

Also, I would like to thank the users on both of the Operating Systems (Android and iOS) for helping out on this challenge.