After 12 days of collecting all of those presents, the 3rd Sonic Dash Global Challenge and the 1st on Android is now finished. And this means, Silver the Hedgehog is OFFICALLY UNLOCKED! Despite with the issue on the Android version of Sonic Dash with Facebook and this challenge, many Android users along with iOS users teamed up on the First Cross-Platform Global Challenge on Android and iOS. It had took a week to make it halfway, but Android users lead their way very fast to get presents (even possibly beating iOS users on who collects the most presents) and get Silver before the Global Challenge ends. And lastly, I would want to wish the many iOS and Android Users a BIG THANK YOU for working hard to make this happen. I done my part, too, and I thank all of you who took your part to work hard and earn Silver. I don’t know if it’s on iOS, but I just got him on Android. If you took part and have him on iOS, please let me know in the comments…

UPDATE (5:31 PM EST; 10:31 PM UTC): I just got the screenshots and here's how Silver is in Sonic Dash.

Looks cool, dosen't it?