So this is really my first Blog post in all of SNN and all of Wikia as well, and this one, I'm really gonna tell you something that is grabbing a lot of attention and to Android players, like me as an HTC One user. If you know Sonic Dash, you know it's coming to Android, and most of the people who heard it and have an Android dosen't know when and stuff. But just recently, at around 8:11 AM EST (5:11 AM PST; 1:11 PM GMT/UTC), November 25, 2013, Hardlight Studios posted this photo on Twitter and Facebook that maybe some teaser to what many would belive to be Sonic Dash for Android (photo shown below). And by the way, it was also shown on other Social media, including Sonic's FB/Twitter page, and Sega's page, too.[1]

On that photo, it shows an Android Robot (that looks like if it's Sonic) peaking from some hill in Seaside Hill. Above it shows the word "Soon." possibly telling that Sonic Dash might be there to Android users in the very near future.

A lot are really thinking if this is really some new game they are about to release. Most of them like me, is Sonic Dash for Android is on the way and is almost going to Google Play within a few. This will end Sonic Dash being an  iOS exclusive game by the time it's released. No one knows when it'll come out, but it's possible that by the End of this year (2013) but it's possible that it should come out by December or as early as by Thanksgving (or for the most part "Thanksgivukkah" since it's also Hanukkah as well).

To note, here's some things that you might expect.

  • All of the features that you find on the iOS will be available on Android (no word on the Zazz Boss, and the bad news is, you have to get Shadow and Blaze all by yourselves instead of all of the Android Community)
  • It's going to be free. Not Paid (don't worry, you don't need to pay two bucks to get it anyway, except for the in-app prucheses).
  • The game will offer Google Play Games Services, which is similar to iOS's Game Center. Unlike Game Center, it's cross-platform (and you can use it on iOS and Android), and it'll offer cloud-save, and all of this is intergrated with your G+ account if you have one. As of now, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing for Android is the first and only game to offer it.
  • It's unknown what devices are supported, but there is one photo from Hardlight showing some Android Devices that may be tested for Sonic Dash. That includes the HTC One, Samsung GS4, Nexus 7, and a few others.

So. What do you guys think? It's hard to predict when it'll come, but rest assured, it'll be there as sooner as you think.