As the E3 Intesnity goes higher, we gotten a lot of speculation of this trailer. And yes. Sonic Jump Fever will be ready for Summer release on Android and iOS. Currently it is only in Canada for it's soft launch but it will make a world wide release soon. The trailer for this game is shown below
Sonic Jump Fever - Official Announcement Trailer00:16

Sonic Jump Fever - Official Announcement Trailer

Announcment trailer for Sonic Jump Fever

And of now, you might remember the last post regarding to possible releases towards iOS in the world wide view and also Android which was never mention back then (I was able to be notified that an Android release is coming) but it is going to be Free but we don't know when the game may come and get relesed to Google Play and the App Store. The good news is that both iOS and Android will get it but we can't tell when so we'll have to wait and see, but until then Keep it here at SNN for the lastest on Sonic Jump Fever and more and if there's any announcement on release and others, we'll break to you.

UPDATE (6.12.2014; 6 PM EDT) SEGABits reported on their E3 Preview post that the game could be released by August of this year.